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First ever release of the stereo masters of all the songs from this cult British Horror Film. The original stereo masters that were prepared for a US album release in 1977 were thought lost but have now been discovered.From the booklet liner notes “It is impossible to understate the importance of these historic recordings that up until now, have only been heard by a select few. This truly is the stuff that myths are made of, but then The Wicker Man has always courted mystery and controversy ever since it first saw the light of day in 1973.

Once famously credited as the “Citizen Kane of horror movies”, the enduring enigma of the film has inspired eminent critics and a worldwide legion of fans to wax lyrical about the movie’s incredible power and engaging intrigue. Even today, nearly thirty years after the film’s release, the ball continues to roll; web-sites, fan clubs, documentaries and books, all pay homage to what is without doubt, one of the most innovative and provocative British films ever produced.”

Simon Wells – co-author of British Cult Cinema As an example of the enduring appeal of this film, note that at the end of last year, Anchor Bay released the film in three different DVD versions: the original release 84 minute cut; the restored 104 minute director’s cut and a limited edition 2 DVD set of both films in a pine box – a limited edition of 50,000 copies.