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The Essential Disney Collection

The Essential Disney Collection

Super Themes

Super Themes

Hatfields & McCoys

In May this year History’s mini-series Hatfields & McCoys ended a three night run that boasted the top three most watched entertainment telecasts in ad-supported cable history.

The true American story of a legendary family feud that spanned decades showcased an all-star cast featuring Kevin Costner, Bill Paxton, Tom Berenger and Powers Boothe and featured a magnificent Emmy nominated epic Western score by John Debney and Tony Morales John Debney is one of the most prolific and successful composers in Hollywood with over 100 scores to his credit that range from Cutthroat Island to the Academy Award nominated music for The Passion Of The Christ.

Tony Morales has worked on a wide selection of musical projects as a composer, arranger and musician including Battle Los Angeles and The Expendables 2.

“19th-century folk-flavored Americana featuring guitar, dobro, mandolin, wordless vocals add grace notes of authenticity to this series” – Variety

Music From The Batman Trilogy

Performed By London Music WorksThe Batman Trilogy has been completed this summer with the release of The Dark Knight Rises which is on course to top the $1 billion take of its predecessor

This unique compilation from London Music Works brings together the very best themes from the three films composed by two of the world’s greatest contemporary screen music writers, Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard

Hans Zimmer’s illustrious career encompasses some of the biggest films of the last two decades including The Lion King, Gladiator, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Da Vinci Code, Inception and Sherlock Holmes

James Newton Howard’s scores include Pretty Woman, The Prince Of Tides, The Sixth Sense and The Hunger Games

John Carpenter’s The Fog

Music composed and performed by John Carpenter

JOHN CARPENTER’S cult classic ghost story was released in 1980 and is still as creepy and atmospheric now as it was 32 years ago and is a constant feature of late-night and Halloween TV programming.

This was Carpenter’s first feature after the ground-breaking success of HALLOWEEN and 1 year before the release of the iconic ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (SIL-CD-3016).

The original Silva Screen release expanded on the soundtrack that came out at the time by including an additional 20 minutes of previously unreleased music plus a contemporary interview with star Jamie Lee Curtis.

That out-of-print release forms DISC ONE of this new release. That album was compiled and edited from the complete score. DISC TWO presents the entire score drawn from the original tapes and re-mastered by long-time Carpenter collaborator ALAN HOWARTH.

The Wicker Tree

A 2CD set featuring the original Wicker Tree soundtrack – the score by John Scott and Keith Easdale’s songs from the film

“Music is a high point in the film – mingling folk songs, Christian hymn and country.” – Terry Mulcahy, Film4.com

Described by Cyberpresse as an “unusual blend of comedy, musical, thriller and horror” and on Twitter as “The Empire Strikes Back to The Wicker Man’s Star Wars”, the Robin Hardy 2010 update to The Wicker Man is the second part of The Wicker Man trilogy.

John Scott’s career spans over sixty years. As an arranger and conductor his work appears on many classic 1960s hits, not least playing flute on The Beatles’ You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away and lead sax on Goldfinger. His film and TV composing career extends to over 140 titles (Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes, The Cousteau Odyssey).

Traditional Scottish artist and composer Keith Easdale provides songs that propel the story. He was present throughout the production to supervise the music which has been described as the spine of the film.

Soldier Blue

Soldier Blue – Music by Roy Budd

50th Anniversary Release: Lawrence Of Arabia

“There is nothing in the desert and no man needs nothing”

A Special 50th Anniversary Release of the Complete Newly – recorded Oscar-winning score from the DAVID LEAN classic with music by MAURICE JARRE

Featuring for the First Time the Complete 77-Minute Score

Performed by the Acclaimed and Award-Winning City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Nic Raine

104 Piece Orchestra includes 3 Ondes Martenots, Cithare, 2 Grand Pianos, 2 Harps, 60 Strings and 11 Percussionists

Recorded from the Original 1962 Orchestrations by Gerard Schurmann

New Score Preparation Supervised by Leigh Phillips
16 page booklet with track-by-track informative and expert notes by film historian and author Frank K. DeWald

1. Overture (4:23)
2. Main Titles (1:56)
3. First Entrance to the Desert (4:25)
4. Night and Stars / Lawrence and Tafas (5:43)
5. Lawrence Rides Alone / Exodus (3:13)
6. We Need a Miracle (2:40)
7. In Whose Name Do You Ride?/ That is the Desert (The Camels Will Die) (5:10)
8. Mirage / The Sun’s Anvil (5:19)
9. Gasim Lost in the Desert (3:29)
10. Lawrence Rescues Gasim / Lawrence Returns with Gasim / The Riding (6:37)
11. Arrival at Auda’s Camp (2:00)
12. Bedouin Feast /On to Akaba / Attack on Akaba / Lawrence at the Sea Shore (6:37)
13. Sinai Desert / After Quicksands / Hutments / Suez Canal (6:16)
14. A Brilliant Bit of Soldiering – The Voice of the Guns (Kenneth J. Alford) (2:05)
15. Bugle Call / Lawrence on the Terrace / Intermission (1:34)
16. Adulation / The Horse Stampede / Faraj Killed (3:43)
17. Ali Rescues Lawrence / Allenby’s Flattery (3:11)
18. Assembled Army / Lawrence and His Bodyguard / Arab Theme (3:06)
19. Military March (1:18)
20. The End / Play-off Music (4:01)


Set to be released on Memorial Day, The History Channel will air the highly anticipated three part mini-series documenting the well-known, century old feud between rival families the ‘Hatfields’ & the ‘McCoy’s’.

The mini-series will not only star Kevin Costner but the soundtrack will also feature the Kevin Costner & Modern West Single ‘I Know These Hills’.

The music is composed by John Debney and Tony Morales.

John Debney had invited his friend and fellow composer Tony Morales to join him in what he called the, “incredible journey/to create a score that is modern yet grounded in rich melodies”

Both Debney and Morales hoped that the listener could sit back and enjoy what would be an emotion conjuring musical journey which would then give an insight into the feelings of the real-life characters.

“Early creative discussions hinged on creating a memorable score that honored the time and region while maintaining a contemporary sound. The use of Appalachian instruments was a natural choice, but it took some experimenting to come up with the right balance of traditional and contemporary elements.” – John Debney

Magic City – Songs From The Series

Magic City – Songs From The Series

From Julie London’s purr to Bo Diddley’s muscular blues, from the Dance King of Havana, Beny Moré, to the Genius of Soul, Ray Charles, the soundtrack of Miami Beach 1959 was like the city itself – glamour and heat. Sunkissed families swam and limboed by the hotel pool to sweet Frankie Avalon by day and hookers, hustlers and gamblers swayed in the same exact cabanas to wild Johnny Otis at night. My hometown was a world of opposites, of extremes: blasting sun or velvety tropical nights, the giddy kiddie pool or the dark caves of the hotel lounges. It was a fantasy built to dazzle tourists and a hard reality of mobsters and the CIA dumping bodiesin Biscayne Bay.

It was the Magic City… and this is its soundtrack.

– Mitch Glazer

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