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The Musical Anthology Of His Dark Materials: Series Three

The Musical Anthology Of His Dark Materials Series Three
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Music by Lorne Balfe


‘The Musical Anthology of His Dark Materials: Series Three’, with music composed by Lorne Balfe. This third ‘Musical Anthology’ volume presents newly composed principal themes from series three.

The music for the entire His Dark Materials Trilogy is composed by Lorne Balfe. In this introduction to the music from the television series, Balfe delves into the series and character themes from the final instalment of Philip Pullman’s acclaimed trilogy. Lorne describes his score as “Elgar meets Nine Inch Nails” and recounts that “The main thing that we wanted to do was to always have a clear journey of each character’s theme… I wrote their themes separately as a journey, so that we knew musically what would happen throughout the series… I love that slight steampunk feeling of the books where you don’t necessarily know the period or time that you’re in. There’s a mixture of technologies and it’s in the realm of fantasy very [much] like Harry Potter. I think that, to me, is what drew me into that world and the fact there are several worlds- you’ve got the present and the past”.

The Musical Anthology of His Dark Materials Series One and Two were warmly received by the press. First post describes the score as “fantasy the way it should be done: sumptuous, inspiring both wonder and a sense of adventure, beautifully scored (by Lorne Balfe), with world building that is as impeccable as it is effortless.” Classic FM sees it as an “epic work that perfectly foreshadows Lyra’s journey, and could easily belong in Assassin’s Creed or Tomb Raider” whilst Movie Wave comments on the score being “… thematically rich, dramatically potent fantasy music… undoubtedly one of the most impressive new scores of the year.”

The show’s third and final season is based on Philip Pullman’s The Amber Spyglass, the third book in the author’s His Dark Materials trilogy.

Lorne Balfe (Mission Impossible: Fallout, The Lego Batman Movie, Churchill) is a Grammy Award winning, EMMY and BAFTA nominated composer. Whether on an impossible mission, the heartbreak of the Queen, the perils of the cape crusade or the soul of a genius, Lorne Balfe creates a musical voice that reflects the characters and the stories that embody them. Originally from Inverness, Scotland, Balfe has created music in virtually all genres and for all visual media with projects ranging from major studio to independent films, tentpole video game franchises, beloved animated feature films, critically acclaimed television series, and documentary features.


1. A New World
2. Emissaries
3. Asriel’s Republic
4. The Land of the Dead
5. Father Gomez
6. The Boatman
7. Opposing The Authority
8. General Ogunwe
9. Lord Roke
10. The Gallivespians
11. Metatron
12. The Banished Angel
13. The Threads That Bind
14. Love Across Worlds

Doctor Who Series 13: Eve Of The Daleks

Eve Of The Daleks
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Music by Segun Akinola


The eagerly awaited Doctor Who Series 13: The Specials. Comprised of 3 digital volumes – Eve Of The Daleks, Legend of the Sea Devils and The Power Of The Doctor.

The 2022 Doctor Who specials are the three additional episodes that follow the programme’s thirteenth series. The first special, Eve Of The Daleks, aired on 1 January 2022, the second, Legend of the Sea Devils, aired on 17 April and the third, The Power Of The Doctor on 23 October. They are the final episodes to feature Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor. The specials also star Mandip Gill and John Bishop as the Doctor’s travelling companions, Yasmin Khan and Dan Lewis. Chris Chibnall is the showrunner and the writer. All Series 13 episodes, together with the 3 specials, are currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

Chris Chibnall reflects on Segun’s work – “How do I sum up Segun’s contribution to ‘Doctor Who’, and the Thirteenth Doctor’s era, in a few words?… I only need one: brilliant! Segun made the show’s musical landscape wide-ranging, specific and authentic. The scores for these three Specials illustrate that breadth perfectly. From the witty but emotional jazz-infused chamber piece of Eve Of The Daleks, through the beautiful and powerful use of traditional Chinese instrumentation in Legend Of The Sea Devils, culminating with The Power of The Doctor: a fitting climax to Segun’s work on the show – bringing together so many of the fabulous themes he’s created: from Daleks and Cybermen to the Master, Yaz, and the Thirteenth Doctor’s wondrous heroic and emotive theme.”

Segun scored Sundance 2019 favourite The Last Tree, which was also recorded at Abbey Road Studios. This is Segun’s second feature film collaboration with director Shola Amoo after A Moving Image, and it earned him a Discovery of the Year award nomination at the World Soundtrack Awards. A BAFTA Breakthrough Brit 2017, Segun’s other work includes scoring BBC Two’s landmark four-part series Black and British: A Forgotten History.



01. Here We Are Again
02. Out Of Service
03. I Am Not Nick
04. Deja Vu
05. The Correction
06. Sorry Sorry Sorry
07. Not A Great Plan
08. Took You Long Enough
09. We Will Not Stop
10. We Go Again and We Win
11. The Doctor Cannot Save You
12. A Brilliant Plan
13. Important Stuff to Do
14. Fireworks


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Music by Barry Gray


The atmospheric aquatic adventures of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASPs) provided the perfect grounds for the evolution of Barry Gray’s own musical odyssey. After navigating otherworldly vistas with experimental minimalism in Fireball XL5, Gray anchored Stingray’s underwater exploits with a cannon of earth-bound incidentals. Employing flutes and gentle woodwind sounds to set the scene, Gray’s music drew attention to the wonder of the series premise, employing lush heavenly strings for the series’ closing theme, ‘Aqua Marina’ (a croon brought to life by in-demand vocalist Gary Miller). The off-duty exploits of the WASP characters also allowed Gray to return to his jazzy routes, with the production team adding a loving reference to the composer in the episode Tune of Danger with a ‘Graystein’ Piano. Episodic melodrama was once again brought to life with bold brass, and driving military marches would establish the WASPs’ base, Marineville, and an unforgettable Match of the Oysters (in The Secret of the Giant Oyster). The DNA of the which would foreshadow the iconic theme for the Andersons’ next series…


1. Stingray Main Titles
2. Stingray – Evil and Mysterious
3. Stingray – Marineville High Alert
4. Stingray – One Marine Minute
5. Plant of Doom – A Flower to Take Your Breath Away
6. Plant of Doom – Two Worlds United
7. The Golden Sea – Fool’s Gold
8. Hostages of the Deep – Trouble in Paradise
9. Hostages of the Deep – Battle for Marina
10. Sea of Oil – Atlanta’s Achievement
11. WASP’s Sessions – Friday Night at Blue Lagoon
12. The Big Gun – The Might of Solarstar
13. Countdown – Master of Infinite Disguise
14. Countdown – Home, Sweet Home
15. The Ghost Ship – No Laughing Matter
16. The Loch Ness Monster – The Legend of Loch Ness
17. Treasure Down Below – Bounty of the Deep
18. Star of the East – The Big and Small Toe
19. Search for the Tajmanon – One of Our Wonders is Missing
20. Secret of the Giant Oyster – March of the Oysters
21. A Christmas to Remember – Skating
22. Echo of Danger – Marvellous Madness
23. Emergency Marineville – For Want of a Button
24. Tune of Danger – Harmonic Homicide
25. Raptures of the Deep – Tempest’s Trip
26. Stingray End Titles – Aqua Marina

The English

The English
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Music by Federico Jusid


The English, Federico Jusid’s sweeping, nostalgic and raw score to Hugo Blick’s 6-part contemporary Western. Giving a nod to 1950s western soundtracks, the score is enriched by Dvořák’s String Quartet No. 12. known as the “American”, written during Dvořák’s stay in America, and only 3 years after the events of the series. Also featured on the album are the beautiful folk songs by The Wailin’ Jennys, Melanie, Crooked Still, Ora Cogan and Tom McRae. The second track on the album, Tâtačiksta_ – I Cherish You, features a tender reading by Emily Blunt.

“It is a production that pulls you into its aesthetic from the first moment you see the evocative title sequence by Scatterlight Studios, which also clues you into how Federico Jusid’s score will add to the grand sweeping scale. Jusid taps into the spirit of legendary composer Ennio Morricone without feeling derivative or like he is merely mimicking the master of this genre. Blick incorporates tracks by singers like Rodriguez and Melanie that are obviously not accurate to the era but add to the emotional tone. It is a masterclass in mixing contemporary elements with a period piece without pulling you out of the setting.” – The Playlist

Jusid’s music structure is based on leitmotifs, very simple and symmetric, constantly varied and developed to mirror the protagonists’ journeys. Big orchestral sounds underpin epic and romantic themes. Sound design, processed percussion and ethnic instruments effortlessly blend in with the orchestral material. Frederico describes his compositional process – “Unlike other projects, I started working with Hugo Blick, at a very early stage, some time before he even started shooting. Inspired by the scripts, his story board and chatting about the classics, I wrote different piano tunes and first mock-ups and sent them over to him… Often, I have received scenes cut to my own music and that made the process deeply organic and profound. The music became a core element of the structure of the show, instead of a later addition. In the end, Hugo and I worked for an entire year to develop this score. This is about four times the usual time I get to work on any other project, especially nowadays, that deadlines and fast deliveries curb the creative processes so dramatically.”

The English will premiere in the UK on 10th November on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer, and in the US and rest of the World on 11th November on Prime Video. The show is written and directed by Hugo Blick (The Honorable Woman, Black Earth Rising) and stars Emily Blunt, Chaske Spencer, Stephen Rea, Valerie Pachner, Rafe Spall, Tom Hughes, Toby Jones and Ciarán Hinds. The 6-part western drama tells the story of an aristocratic Englishwoman and a Pawnee ex-cavalry scout who come together in 1890 middle America to cross a violent landscape built on dreams and blood. The Guardian recounts it as a “brutal, beautiful tale of the Old West… all oil-dark humour, elite-level acting and gorgeous, lingering wide shots”, whilst the FT observes that “Between the exquisitely choreographed stand-offs – all twitching fingers and shifting eyes – the Morricone-inflected soundtrack, the sweeping vistas and the cool, broody dialogue, Blick delivers a stirring love letter to the great westerns of yesteryear.”Blick and Blunt are also executive producing the Drama Republic production with Greg Brenman (Billy Elliot, The Boys Are Back).

Up and coming composer, Federico Jusid’s writing for Watership Down has been lauded by Movie Music UK as “sensational” and even, further praised as superior – “the action music is superior, the variety of the orchestrations is superior, the thematic depth is superior.” Federico is an Award -Winning composer. In 2016, Federico Jusid was recognized as Composer of the Year by the Spanish Music Critics Association. He won three International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA) awards for his music on the Spanish historical fiction series, Isabel, and won two additional IFMCA awards for his score on Carlos, Rey Emperador. Additionally, Federico received two Platinum Film Award nominations for scoring the critically acclaimed biographical film, Neruda and Salvador del Solar’s political thriller Magallanes. Federico has received dozens of international music awards for his music on more than sixty features and thirty TV series worldwide.


1. Opening Credits
2. Tâtačiksta – I Cherish You (featuring Emily Blunt)
3. A Chase Is On
4. Cornelia and Eli
5. Cheyenne Tree Burial
6. Coming For Eli Whipp
7. Crumbling Is Not An Instant’s Act
8. That’s My Cattle!
9. And Yet Here We Are
10. Nothing Worth Dying For
11. Powder River
12. “Soon” Has Come (featuring Chaske Spencer)
13. Dvořák – String Quartet No. 12 in F Major, Op. 96, B. 179, “American”: II. Lento – Performed by the Moyzes Quartet
14. Long Time Traveller – Performed by The Wailin’ Jennys
15. Some Say (I Got Devil) – Performed by Melanie
16. American Tune – Performed by Crooked Still
17. Katie Cruel – Performed by Ora Cogan
18. You Cut Her Hair – Performed by Tom McRae

The Godfather Suite

The Godfather Suite
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Music by Carmine Coppola


Not at all dangerous, but no less powerful and devoted to one another, the Coppola family have loomed large in film and the arts for decades. The head of this particular family was not a Don lurking in the shadows, but a brilliant composer arranger and conductor: Carmine Coppola. On the face of it, this album is a bit of a curiosity, though it was surely the first recording to bring together music from both Godfather films in this way. Its original release coincided with a high-profile television event called The Godfather: A Novel for Television (also known as The Godfather Saga).

The extended cut necessarily featured additional music and arrangements, which were overseen by Carmine Coppola. We can safely assume that at least some of that forms part of what is included in The Godfather Suite. For it, Coppola selected and re-arranged musical highlights from the two films, including all of Rota’s main themes and his own source music pieces, creating what is essentially a 14-part symphonic suite.

It’s all rather beautifully executed, with great romantic flourishes, and it’s a fitting tribute to Carmine Coppola’s talent, not to mention his contribution to two legendary films. Carmine Coppola himself passed away just months after the release of The Godfather Part III. A highlight of that final score is the ‘Love Theme’, which was the basis of Carmine Coppola and lyricist John Bettis’s Oscar-nominated original song ‘Promise Me You’ll Remember’. The instrumental arrangement is included here in addition to the Suite.


1. Love Theme
2. The Godfather’s Tarantella
3. The Godfather’s Mazurka
4. Every Time I Look In Your Eyes
5. The Godfather’s Waltz
6. Michael’s Theme
7. The Godfather’s Fox-Trot
8. Senza Mamma (Without A Mother)
9. Napule Ve Salute (Goodbye To Naples)
10. Marcia Religiosa
11. Festa March
12. Kay’s Theme
13. A New Carpet
14. The Immigrant – Main Theme (The Godfather Part II)
15. Promise Me You’ll Remember (The Godfather Part III)

Frozen Planet II

Frozen Planet II
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Original Music by Hans Zimmer, Adam Lukas and James Everingham for Bleeding Fingers Music

Featuring AURORA


In 2011 the BBC series Frozen Planet, focusing on life and the environment in the Arctic and Antarctic won acclaim across the world and received four Emmy awards. Over a decade on from the original Frozen Planet, the sequel, Frozen Planet II tells the complete story of the entire frozen quarter of our planet that’s locked in ice and blanketed in snow.

Mark Brownlow, Executive Producer, Frozen Planet II, reveals “Frozen Planet II is a celebration of wondrous wildlife overcoming the challenges of life in the extremes. Yet today it faces the even greater challenge of climate change”.

Hans Zimmer is one of the most prolific and acclaimed film score composers with over 150 scores to his credit. He is the winner of four Grammy Awards, three Classical Brit Awards, two Golden Globes and two Academy Awards. His long-standing working relationship with BBC Earth has seen an incredible body of music including previous Silva Screen releases, Seven Worlds One Planet, Blue Planet II and Planet Earth II.

Zimmer’s hand-selected, exciting and diverse Emmy Award winning composer collective, Bleeding Fingers, embraces and nurtures a deep musical heritage to deliver a sonic depth that is second to none. The Frozen Planet II score is enriched by the ethereal voice of the Norwegian singer songwriter AURORA.

“The Bleeding Fingers team and I feel incredibly privileged to be given the opportunity to score such a pioneering and important natural history landmark as Frozen Planet II.” – Hans Zimmer

Frozen Planet II is a BBC Studios Natural History Unit production for BBC One, co-produced by BBC America and The Open University, Migu Video, ZDF and France Télévisions. The Executive Producer is Mark Brownlow and the Series Producer is Elizabeth White.


Disc 1
1. The Frozen Planet
2. Harp Seal Pup
3. Silent Sky
4. Origins of Life
5. Boreal Forest
6. Arrival of Spring
7. Beluga Escape
8. Fidgety Bedfellow
9. Giants of the Deep
10. Orca Ramming
11. Showdown at the Shore
12. Aurora Borealis I
13. Aurora Borealis II
14. Full Bloom
15. Projectile Vomit
16. Losing Ice
17. Wrangel Island
18. Crisis


Disc 2
1. Kingdoms of Ice
2. Journey to the Southern Ocean
3. Daylight Robbery
4. Amur Tiger
5. Full Flight Capacity
6. Tundra Awakening
7. Hunting Grounds
8. Many Winters
9. Frozen Peaks
10. Atacama Winds
11. Learning to Breathe
12. The Matriarch
13. Hide and Seek
14. Wandering Albatross
15. Companionship
16. Scars of the Earth
17. Then There Will Be a Future

Doctor Who Series 13: Flux

Doctor Who Series 13 Flux
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Music by Segun Akinola


Debuting at Halloween 2021, Flux was the first Doctor Who series in 36 years to tell one complete story across its entirety, rather than self-contained episodes. Jodie Whittaker returned for her third and final season in the title role.

Segun Akinola is a composer for film and television who has strengthened many projects with his musical acumen. He is most known for his music in the latest series of Doctor Who, starring the first female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. Segun’s work is a key immersive tool for showrunner Chris Chibnall and series directors to establish the many adventures the Doctor and her friends travel on. These include the impressive 80s influenced electronic score for The Tsuranga Conundrum to the heart-wrenching Demons of the Punjab which utilised specialist Indian musicians and orchestra, all recorded at Abbey Road Studios. He also scored the critically acclaimed Doctor Who VR experience, Doctor Who: The Runaway.

Segun scored Sundance 2019 favourite The Last Tree, which was also recorded at Abbey Road Studios. This is Segun’s second feature film collaboration with director Shola Amoo after A Moving Image, and it earned him a Discovery of the Year award nomination at the World Soundtrack Awards. A BAFTA Breakthrough Brit 2017, Segun’s other work includes scoring BBC Two’s landmark four-part series Black and British: A Forgotten History.

Volume One
01. Series 13 Opening Titles

Chapter One
02. A Little Skirmish
03. What Lies Ahead
04. Renewed at Last
05. Must Not Blink
06. Dancing Across Space and Time

Chapter Two
07. I Know Where We Are
08. I Will Find You
09. Parlay
10. Short-Term Repair

Chapter Three
11. The Other Things
12. When Is This?
13. There Is No Greater Battle
14. All Is Ending
15. I’m Not Giving Up

Volume Two
Chapter Four
01. Rapid Response Unit
02. You Are Recalled
03. Village of The Angels End Credits
04. On My Way

Chapter Five
05. We Are Conversion
06. An Incredible Stroke of Luck
07. Where Are We?
08. Fetch Your Dog

Chapter Six
09. We Have Everything We Need
10. I Can Rend Them All to Dust
11. And Then We Will Play
12. The Ultimate Betrayal
13. Nothing Is Forever
14. Where Would Earth Be Without You?

15. Series 13 End Credits

This Is Joan Collins

This Is Joan Collins
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Music by Lindsay Wright


Framing and adding sizzle to the exciting self-narrated story of Joan Collin’s life, composer Lindsay Wright taps into the jazzy 60s cocktail sounds to create an era defining soundtrack.

This is Joan Collins is directed by multi award winning director Clare Beavan (Simon Schama’s Power of Art, A History of Britain, The Prince, The Showgirl and Me, Imagine). Described by The Telegraph as “Deliciously un-apologetic”, The Times Culture as “sparkling” and BBC Radio 2 as “a fabulous watch”, This is Joan Collins is an immensely entertaining feature-length documentary on the life of one of the last surviving actresses from the golden age of Hollywood. The film is told from the ringside as Joan narrates her rollercoaster life story with her inimitable wit and verve. A worldwide television phenomenon with her decade-defining role in Dynasty, Collins shares her extraordinary archive and never before seen home movie footage. With this film she gives the public an intimate glimpse into her world and reveals her story as that of an extraordinary life, a life of a woman who has lived through the glitz, the glamour and the enduring moments of Hollywood history, and survived it all with panache, humour and resilience.

Lindsay Wright is an emerging British soundtrack composer known for HBO/BBC feature documentary The Mystery of D.B. Cooper, BBC documentary series Inside Monaco and the four-part BBC series 21 Again. She also scored the upcoming BFI-backed coming-of-age short drama Pop starring Stephen Graham; the acclaimed short documentaries Entitled and Dark Matter as part of Channel 4’s Random Acts; and BAFTA-winning director Caroline Bartleet’s short drama The Bind for BBC Films. Lindsay creates evocative and emotional scores across all genres of film, television and games. Lindsay’s work combines contemporary classical instrumentation and traditional practices with modern electronics and experimental techniques, culminating in an original and unique sound palette for every score.


1. Alexis
2. Dame Joan
3. Emancipated Woman
4. Fontaine
5. Lights, Camera, Action
6. Over Exposure
7. Parasites
8. Seventeen
9. Shattered
10. Superbitch
11. Trouble
12. Wolves

The Secret Service

The Secret Service
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Music by Barry Gray


The origins of the series The Secret Service began in 1968 whilst working at Pinewood Studios, Gerry Anderson bumped into a familiar face of stage and screen: comic actor Stanley Unwin. With his whimsical charm and hilarious gibberish double talk (playfully christened ‘Unwinese’) Unwin had earned great popularity throughout the 50s and 60s and the Anderson’s immediately knew that they had found someone to base their next puppet series on. For several years the Century 21 team had toyed with directly basing a puppet character on a real-life actor, now the time had come to make it a reality. Duly, the Andersons developed a premise around Unwin, returning to their ‘unlikely spy’ scenario which had worked so well with Joe 90, they created ‘Father’ Unwin, a kindly priest who, despite outwardly disappearing into whimsy, doubles as a determined agent for British Intelligence. In the series the lines would be blurred even further between the miniature Supermarionation world and reality, as live action footage of Stanley Unwin would also be used in the series.

To appropriately reflect the The Secret Service’s premise and compliment the gentle title sequence created to introduce the series, Barry Gray decided step completely away from his usual attention-grabbing themes and write a three-part fugue in the style of the Baroque composer Bach. To perform the vocals, the Mike Sammes Singers were hired, the vocal group who Gray had used on the Supercar theme back in 1961. Once coupled with soft organ and minimalist percussion, a truly unique piece of inventive music was born to bookend Father Unwin’s adventures, which perfectly captured the off-beat nature of the series.


1. Century 21 Logo

2. Robbery at Healey Automation

3. The Secret Service Main Titles

4. Calling Father Unwin

5. Operation Intercept

6. 250 Hours

7. Sabotage
8. Aerial Spies

9. The Unwilling Accomplice

10. Feathered Bombers

11. Ambush

12. Bufflers Halt Reopens

13. The Train Hijack

14. The Secret Service End Titles 

Hotel Portofino

Hotel Portofino
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Music by Stefano Cabrera


Stefano Cabrera’s Jazz-infused soundtrack for Hotel Portofino, described by The Daily Mail as a “romantic costume drama that’s as blissful as a good gin cocktail”.

Eagle Eye Drama’s (Professor T, Before We Die) beautifully crafted period drama is set in the mid-1920s on the lush shores of the Italian riviera. Starring Natascha McElhone, Oliver Dench, Louisa Binder, the six-hour series centres around a British family looking for a fresh start in Italy. Based on the book by J.P. O’Connell and created by Matt Baker (Professor T), Hotel Portofino brings drama, mystery and escapism to our screens. The series depicts the lives of luxury hotel staff and locals in 1920s Italy, when Benito Mussolini’s brand of fascism was on the rise.

Stefano Cabrera is an Award-winning Italian composer and cellist. After graduating from the ‘Conservatorio Niccolò Paganini’ of Genoa, he further studied with Mario Brunello, Yo-Yo Ma, Amedeo Baldovino, Emil Kline. He also studied jazz and composition, as well as orchestration and arrangement at the Berklee School of Music. From 1994 to 2009 he worked as a section cello, composer and arranger at the ‘Carlo Felice’ Theater in Genoa. Since 2006 Cabrera has been the cellist and arranger for the GnuQuartet, with whom he tours internationally. As a TV/film composer he has worked on Suspect (2022), Hotel Portofino (2021), The Abominable Snow Baby (2021) and Clown (2020).



1. Hotel Portofino Opening Theme
2. Bella’s Theme
3. Preparing For The Guests
4. New Arrivals
5. A Magic Recipe
6. Morning Yoga
7. Claudine’s Arrival
8. Satisfaction in Perfection
9. Constance’s Theme
10. Morning Waltz
11. After Hours
12. The Storm
13. Claudine & Roberto
14. The Blackshirts
15. Nish & Gianluca’s Kiss
16. Frolicking In The Sea
17. Nish & Gianluca’s Love
18. Tennis for 3
19. The Rubens
20. Mistery
21. A New Day
22. Sadness & Reflection
23. A Pleasant Breeze
24. Dawn
25. Your Own War
26. A Magic Place
27. Portofino View
28. The Letter
29. I’m Roberto
30. Young Love
31. You Don’t Need To Do This
32. Helen Of Troy
33. A New Beginning
34. Hotel Portofino Closing Theme
35. Free To Be (Claudine’s Song)