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Steeltown Murders

Steeltown Murders
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Music by Sarah Warne


Based on real life events, the BBC Wales’ commissioned four-part series depicts the hunt for ‘The Saturday Night Strangler’ who terrorized Port Talbot in the 1970s. The series is set in 1973 and then in 2000, when DNA breakthroughs helped finally catch the killer. Described by MSN as “a more thoughtful class of true crime drama” and by The Arts Desk as “a respectful, even affectionate piece of work”, the focus of the series is on mapping the toll of an unsolved murder on the people left behind in pain.

The series is written by Ed Whitmore (Manhunt, Safe House) and made by Severn Screen (The Pembrokeshire Murders, Hidden/Craith) for the BBC in association with All3Media International. It stars Philip Glenister (Life On Mars, State Of Play) as DCI Paul Bethell, Steffan Rhodri (In My Skin, Gavin & Stacey) as DCI Phil ‘Bach’ Rees, with their younger selves played by Scott Arthur (Good Omens, Borg McEnroe) and Siôn Alun Davies (The Sandman, Hidden). All 4 episodes are currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Composer Sarah Warne exquisitely captures the series zeitgeist with her fragile orchestral score. Industrial percussion, haunting vocals and intense orchestral colours are fused together in the dark and poignant landscape of Steeltown Murders. At its heart, the score evolves and transforms the traditional Welsh hymn tune ‘llef’, in the drawing together of a broken and harrowed South Wales community. A sense of resilience and ultimate catharsis are pursued in the music, beautifully performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, together with various additional soloists including voices, halldorophone, and guitars.

Sarah Warne trained as a classical harpist, pianist and composer. In her composition work, she specialises in blending acoustic instruments with unique electronic signatures. Sarah is best known for her work on Channel 4’s critically acclaimed television drama series Humans, and her recent scores for BBC’s Time and ITV’s Des. Sarah has also scored various primetime documentaries including several films for the BAFTA nominated series Catching a Killer (Channel 4), and her recent series about Putin and Russian corruption in London, Once Upon a Time in Londongrad, which is a 6-part documentary for Sky Atlantic directed by Oscar nominated director Jed Rothstein for Rise Films. Sarah Warne’s scores for Humans, Des, Time and Dark Money are available on Silva Screen Records.


1. Steeltown Murders (Main Titles) 1:20
2. Are You Sure There Wasn’t a Link? 1:19
3. Free Souls 1:01
4. Good Night 3:43
5. I Want To Get Started 0:46
6. A Minute Of Your Time 0:43
7. For Us or For The Victims? 1:15
8. Keeping an Open Mind 1:01
9. The Grief of a Community 1:29
10. Paul Was Right 3:01
11. E-Fit 2:14
12. Revisiting John Morgan 1:21
13. Taking Dai’s DNA 1:38
14. Meeting Willoughby 2:00
15. Double Allele 1:50
16. 13 Names 1:24
17. Try Anything 0:41
18. Thank You For Your Time 0:55
19. Running to Remember or Running to Forget 0:45
20. Case Closed 1:45
21. One Man Is Responsible 2:01
22. Making It Right 1:47
23. Are We Doing the Right Thing? 0:30
24. Imagine Being the Father 1:27
25. I Need This 1:55
26. Waiting For the News 3:03
27. Making Sense of It (Part I) 4:34
28. Making Sense of It (Part II) 2:18

Rain Dogs

Rain Dogs
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Music by Alex Baranowski


Alex Baranowski’s hypnotic soundtrack to BBC’s stark comedy drama Rain Dogs.

Described by The Guardian as a “bleak, beautiful comedy drama which skewers the grotesque realities of class and sex inequality like nothing else”, the eight-part series features a stellar cast – Daisy May Cooper as Costello Jones, Fleur Tashjian as her daughter, Iris, Jack Farthing as Florian Selby, Ronkẹ Adékoluẹjo as Gloria, and Adrian Edmondson as Lenny. The merciless drama was co-produced by the BBC with HBO. Written by the brilliant writer-producer Cash Carraway (Skint Estate, Killing Eve, The Durrells, I May Destroy You) and directed by Richard Laxton (Effie Gray, Him And Her, An Englishman In New York), it tells the story of Costello Jones, a recently sober single mother to ten-year-old Iris who is doing everything she can to make ends meet.

The Independent comments “Director Richard Laxton, writer Cash Carraway, and the rest of the team, deserve great credit and, in time, some awards, for this evocative but bleak sketch of life at the arse-end of Rishi Sunak’s Britain, a country grown too used to the gross indecency of poverty. It’s a fine memento of our troubled times.”

Composer Alex Baranowski creates a perfect soundtrack for this wild, swaggering tale of love and friendship. He reflects on his work – “I loved writing the music for Rain Dogs. Following Costello Jones on her journey of great highs and intense lows, the music was a mix of inspirations from improvised jazz trumpet, dark tape loops, crazy percussion and blues guitars. Feeding from the unpredictability of the characters gave licence to go places I wouldn’t normally be able to go in a drama like this, which was brilliantly rewarding.” Alex’s hypnotic soundtrack breathes, stumbles, and falls with its characters. The obsessive downward-sliding-third motif is at the heart of it. The motif moves between twangy guitars and brass, encased by jaunty percussion and dreamy strings. It at times dissolves into a pure electronic sound with an emerging, poignantly sad and distorted trumpet solo (‘A Glass of Wine’, ‘Voicemails’) signifying no escape in this story of addiction, toxicity, and “a makeshift family bound by defiance, chaos, poverty and pain.”

Alex Baranowski is an award-winning composer of film, TV and theatre scores. He is also well regarded for his work with choreographer David Dawson on the ballet Legacy Variations (premiered at the Dutch National Ballet in December 2022) and the ballet adaptation of 1984 for Northern Ballet (winner of the South Bank Award for dance). Recent film scores include A Gaza Weekend directed by Oscar nominated Basil Khalil for Film 4, and Ruth Wilson and Jude Law produced True Things which won Best Original Score at Les Arcs Film Festival. Alex has also written music for the three series of hit BBC One comedy Staged starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen, BAFTA nominated The Windermere Children and Burial, and a WWII Drama for Altitude Film starring Harriet Walter. He also collaborated with Oscar winning Taika Waititi for The Letter, a two-and-a-half-minute film for Coca Cola Christmas.


1. Making An Entrance
2. Back Again
3. Costello and Iris
4. Selby Goes For A Swim
5. October
6. The Small World of Florian Selby
7. Don’t Shit In My Mouth And Call It A Big Mac
8. Family Only
9. A Glass Of Wine
10. A Wonderful Lie
11. One Moment Of Perfection
12. Not Going Anywhere
13. Jesus Loves a Hustler
14. Iris And The Neighbourhood
15. Battered Bitches
16. Stuck On The Side Of The Road
17. Calling G
18. The Spiral Begins
19. Entitled Bitch
20. Voicemails
21. Racing To Costello

You & Me

You & Me
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Music by Vince Pope


You & Me, Vince Pope’s poignant, uplifting, sad and ultimately life enhancing soundtrack to ITV’s romantic comedy drama starring Harry Lawtey, Jessica Barden and Sophia Brown. Produced by Russell T Davies (Doctor Who, It’s A Sin, Nolly), the series explores the meaning of finding love, losing love and trying to love once again.

The Guardian praises the series as a “sharp, original drama that slowly morphs from peppy romcom into something far more profound… a sentimental charmer with a plot that twists, turns and pivots”

Jamie Davis, screenwriter explains the process behind the story “I wrote the show at a time in my life when things were going really well for me. I catastrophised that and thought: what’s the worst thing that could happen? I thought it would be this, because then you’ve got a story about whether anyone can ever come back from that and find love again. This is a story about the love between a guy and a girl, a parent and a child, a child and a parent, a girl and her sister… It’s about what that love costs you, even if it’s the jeopardy that you might lose it.”

Spanning 3 episodes, the story is told over two separate timelines. You & Me reveals, chapter by chapter, the tragedies that have shaped the lives of three individuals: Ben, Emma and Jess. Inspired by this story of hope through adversity, composer Vince Pope created a score that is poignant, uplifting, sad and ultimately life enhancing. The soundtrack works with a 4-note piano lightmotif, a form of an upwards G Major broken chord movement that constructs a musical question. This intriguing motif emerges from the expansive warming electronica of the opening theme, to be transported through different “moods”. At times joyful and irreverent (‘Moving In’), the piano motif is supported by a percussive guitar to create a musical timeline for the new love blossoming through playful little moments. At other points, the mood darkens (‘Something Sad’) and the broken chord loses its angular shape to fade into minimal repetition. In ‘Cards from Memory’, the track melds into expansive electronic chords, bringing the 4 notes back into sharp focus, giving the theme of memory credence. In ‘Starting Over’, new beginnings and hope are represented by the leitmotif coming back, in a form of variation and via a heavily manipulated piano sound, to create something new whilst retaining the old.

Vince Pope is a RTS winning and BAFTA nominated composer and is well regarded as both film composer and releasing artist. Well known for his scores for No Offence, Undercover, Misfits and Black Mirror, over the past few years Vince has scored the period drama Rebellion for Sundance TV/Netflix, Sky’s Bounty Hunters, starring Jack Whitehall, and Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan’s comedy drama This Way Up. Most recently Pope scored the Sky crime series Wolfe, Channel 4’s darkly-comic prison drama Screw and the BBC Two feature film My Name Is Leon.

As a recording artist, Vince released his albums Messages and Awakening in 2019 and the EP Three Days Until Tomorrow in 2020. His next release is Together Apart, a collaborative work conceived and recorded in lockdown to create a beautiful anthology of ambient music.


1. Hello
2. Titles
3. Moving In
4. Something Sad
5. Breaking
6. Twins
7. Missing You
8. Baby
9. What Was Said
10. Is That A Date?
11. It Was You All Along
12. Second Thoughts
13. It’s Not That Easy
14. Cards from Memory
15. I Made A Mistake
16. Writing the Wrong
17. Starting Over
18. Marketable Skills
19. I Have To Go
20. Pictures of You
21. It Doesn’t Matter
22. Begin Again

Epic Themes III

Epic Themes III
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Music by London Music Works


The 3rd volume of the widely popular Epic Themes Series. Tracks from the first two Epic Themes albums feature on many Spotify playlists and have now reached a combined Spotify streaming count of over 135 million.

Today, epic sound and trailer music could be thought of as interchangeable. Finally getting well deserved recognition, trailer music demands an entirely different approach to composition, relying on a 2-minute form, in which every second counts. The finest trailer music seizes the listeners, keeps them fully immersed, bewitched and on the edge of their seats throughout.

In addition to the best recent trailer music from highly sought out composers such as Thomas Bergen, Zack Hemsey, Harry Lightfoot, Jo Blankenburg, this 15-track digital album collection also features Hans Zimmer’s glorious ‘Suite’ from Planet Earth II and Lorne Balfe’s ‘Theme’ from His Dark Materials, a syncopated and angular melody, at the same time beautiful and unsettling.

The previous instalments of Epic Themes had favourable reviews, with Sci-Fi Bulletin praising Epic Themes II as “Another muscular compilation of epic movie and game themes from Silva Screen – turn it up to 11 for maximum effect.”


1. Victory – Thomas Bergersen
2. Strength of a Thousand Men – Thomas Bergersen
3. See What I’ve Become – Zack Hemsey
4. Garador’s Flight – Jo Blankenburg
5. Guardians At The Gate – Kevin Rix
6. Archangel – Thomas Bergersen
7. We Are Gods – Harry Lightfoot
8. Aqua Vitae – Armen Hambar
9. Here Comes The King – Paul Dinletir
10. Serenata Immortale – Jeffrey Fayman; Yoav Goren
11. Unstoppable – Franz Vonlichten; Helmut Vonlichten
12. So Say We All – Harry Lightfoot
13. Angels Will Rise – Rob Scales
14. Suite (From “Planet Earth II”) – Hans Zimmer
15. Theme (From “His Dark Materials”) – Lorne Balfe

The Conversation

The Conversation
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Music by David Shire


Previously released over 20 years ago on CD, David Shire’s captivating soundtrack to The Conversation is reissued in remastered form alongside new artwork and album notes from film music journalist Michael Beek. Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974, tense contemporary thriller, gives The Godfather: Part II a run for its money when it comes to citing the director’s best. The Academy Awards agreed, nominating both for a Best Picture Oscar in its 1974 batch, though the brilliant Corleone sequel would pip The Conversation to the post on the night.

Gene Hackman plays hi-tech wiretapper Harry Caul, a master in his field but away from his job a socially awkward loner. Composer David Shire captures his twilight world with a magnificent score entirely performed on solo piano. The jazz flavour counteracts perfectly alongside Harry’s lonely sax playing in his apartment, his escape from his insidious occupation.

Shire, Coppola’s brother-in-law having married his sister Talia had made his mark on Broadway and Hollywood as a composer, songwriter and arranger. His scores include some of the biggest films of the 1970s including The Taking Of Pelham 123, All The President’s Men and Norma Rae, the latter securing him an Oscar for Best Music, Original Song, It Goes Like It Goes.



1. Theme From ‘The Conversation’
2. The End Of The Day
3. No More Questions / Phoning The Director
4. Blues For Harry (Combo)
5. To The Office / The Elevator
6. Whatever Was Arranged
7. The Confessional
8. Amy’s Theme
9. Dream Sequence
10. Plumbing Problem

11. Harry Carried

12. The Girl In The Limo

13. Finale And End Credits

14. Theme From ‘The Conversation’ (Ensemble)


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Music by Blair Mowat


Blair Mowat’s soundtrack to ITV’s 3-part drama series Nolly. Written and directed by BAFTA-winners Russell T Davies (Doctor Who) and Peter Hoar (It’s A Sin, The Last of Us, The Umbrella Academy), and starring Helena Bonham Carter, series tells the story of Nolly, the inimitable Noele Gordon, TV legend and Queen of the Midlands.

Nolly is a warm tribute to British television in the late 70s and early 80s. Noelle was the star and matriarch of Crossroads – soap opera that ran from the 1960s through to the end of the Eighties. The series explores her all-powerful reign, and fall from grace, starting at the twilight of her career. The Independent comments “The fact that, 40 years later, ITV is producing a lavish, star-studded primetime drama about this minor incident from soap history speaks to its cultural permeation.”

Composer Blair Mowat explains “It’s a period piece and so it felt quite fitting to take on elements of musical theatre or the lush orchestral style of classic Hollywood. Tracks such as ‘The Prime Minister’ or ‘Visiting Larry’ deliberately evoke a bygone era… Percussion is perhaps our most important instrument throughout. Russell writes so musically and his scripts have a real sense of rhythm to them. Therefore, maintaining a sense of drive and momentum for certain moments is crucial. Peter’s stylistic directing approach meant the score could have quite a lot of variation and oddness without feeling out of place. Drum kits and shakers are often combined with banjo, tuba, saxophone, jazz flute and soft vibes. You’ll find samba piano rhythms, Venetian violin solos and full swing bands juxtaposed by a lush 40-piece string orchestra – yet somehow it all hangs together through the use of musical themes and variations. That ostinato which pulls and clashes either side of Eb Major keeps us grounded throughout the journey of the score, no matter what style or instrumentation we find ourselves in.”

In the script there is a tension between the harder and softer side of Nolly and a conflict between the modern and the old. This is also apparent in Mowat’s score; the driving rhythm in tracks such a ‘Nolly Goes To War’ where propulsive swung triplets meet suspended harmonies, musically representing of a woman renowned for making her opinions known and then there’s also the much softer side to Nolly, represented by a very different theme heard in tracks such as ‘Nolly At Home’ and ‘Goodbye Nolly’.

Blair concludes “It was clear from the start this was a passion project for Russell and so it became a passion project for all of us too. We also fell in love with Noele and it became personal in honouring her memory. ‘Looking Back On Life’ was the final cue I composed and as I looked back over Noele’s life I found myself shedding a tear more than once. There aren’t many projects that have you sobbing over your piano, but this was one of them. We weren’t just making television, it felt like we were righting a wrong, and I’ll treasure the experience of being involved forever.”

Blair Mowat has composed well over two hundred scores for film, theatre and television, with clients ranging from the English National Ballet and The Royal Shakespeare Company to the likes of the BBC and ITV. He is a BAFTA nominated, 4Talent short-listed, award-winning composer with over 15 years of experience, and is consistently in high demand. His work includes Class an acclaimed 8-part Doctor Who spin-off series on BBC One, ITV’s hit show McDonald & Dodds and The Amazing Mr Blunden. Both McDonald & Dodds and The Amazing Mr Blunden were double-nominated for best Original TV Score and best Opening Titles in the Music & Sound Awards.



1. Nolly Goes To War
2. Exit Cathedral Enter Rehearsal
3. The Rehearsal Room
4. Nolly At Home
5. An Affair to Remember
6. Meg Is Going To Die
7. Previously On Nolly
8. The Prime Minister
9. Undercover Operation
10. Sam Hurst
11. The Funeral
12. Visiting Larry
13. The QEII
14. Nolly’s Empty Chair
15. Vintage 70s TV Tune
16. A Bus To Catch
17. Goodbye Crossroads
18. The Stage Awaits
19. First Day At Work
20. The Theatrical Experience
21. Men
22. Nolly On Tour
23. The Reason
24. Friendship In Venice
25. Looking Back On Life
26. Goodbye Nolly

The Gold

The Gold
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Music by Simon Goff


“Fans of the electronic works of Hildur Guðnadóttir, should find this album to be an interesting listen.” – Film Score Monthly

The Gold, Simon Goff’s synth-filled soundtrack to the intricately crafted BBC One crime drama. Boasting 5-star reviews, the superb 6-part series was created by Neil Forsyth (Guilt) and stars Hugh Bonneville, Jack Lowden, Dominic Cooper, Charlotte Spencer, Tom Cullen. Episode one was first broadcast on BBC One on Sunday, 12th February 2023, taking over the hugely popular Happy Valley’s 9pm slot and reaching 6 million viewers. The press has been unanimous in praising The Gold, with The Evening Standard labelling it as “a truly smart British crime drama with a classic feel and a knockout cast”. The Guardian calls it “riveting”, The Independent refers to it as “True alchemy” and The New Statesmen dubs it “Outstandingly enjoyable TV”.

The story is based on the largest heist in world history, the Brink’s-Mat robbery at Heathrow airport in 1983. Six armed robbers attempted to steal £1 million in foreign currency and ended up coming away with £26 million in gold bullion. This isn’t the story of a heist, but of what happened next.

Composer Simon Goff creates a dazzling, evolving sound that binds together and manipulates technology and acoustic instruments. He explains – “The initial idea for the soundtrack to The Gold came about after talking to director Aneil Karia about the different character lines running through the script. Just as the series dives into the grey between moral worlds in 1980’s London, I took the score as an opportunity to dive more into the grey between acoustic and electronic sound worlds. The pulsing synthesisers are a homage to the greats that pioneered the way in that era, while the broken strings represent the underbelly of high-class society and the distorted purity that it poses as… The score is meant as a third line in the narrative, allowing the direction and script atmospheric space to exist in while also propelling forward when needed. The pulses, textures, rhythms and melodies are entwined together just as are the narratives within the storytelling. There is no clear distinction between worlds, only one that engulfs all.”

As a composer, producer and violinist, Simon Goff has worked with some of the world’s most acclaimed musicians, including Academy Award-winning composer Hildur Guðnadóttir on Joker and Chernobyl – both of which earned him Grammy Awards, as well as Jóhann Jóhansson, Apparat and Katie Melua amongst many others. As a violinist, Simon performed internationally at the Funkhaus (Berlin) the South Bank Centre (London), Elbphilharmonie (Hamburg) and CTM Festival (Berlin).

In April 2021, Simon released his debut album Vale through Berlin label 7K!. There is a dazzling exploration of the interface between violin and technology and between the poles of intimacy and grandeur, as rich and deep and wide, as the landscape that lies at its heart, the Vale of York, where Goff grew up. The album also encapsulates a place in time and an identity forged through youth and adulthood, all viewed from Goff’s current base in Berlin. Quietus calls the album “remarkable… a statement of both awe and intent”, whilst singer Katie Melua comments, “I found it musically truly exquisite, like it was lifting me up, it was just completely changing my mood and the sounds felt very much like you were inside the orchestra… it’s difficult in classical music to get the violin to sound so gritty.”



1. Heist
2. I Can Be A King
3. Chase
4. Burying the Past
5. Proceed with Caution
6. Smelting
7. The Consequences Are Mine
8. The Gallery
9. Taking the Stand
10. Pursuit
11. The Boy You Were
12. The Gold

Stranger Things: Music from the Upside Down

Stranger Things: Music from the Upside Down
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Music by London Music Works


Musical highlights from the first 4 seasons of Stranger Things, Netflix’s supernatural horror phenomenon, starring a stellar ensemble including Wynona Ryder, Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard. The 5th and final Season is expected to be screened on Netflix in 2024. This excellent and bold reworking of the score shows London Music Works at their best, successfully navigating through a maze of analog production challenges.

Created by twins Matt and Ross Duffer, Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror drama television series that follows the community of a small ‘80s Indiana town as they investigate the supernatural disappearance of a local boy, whilst plagued by a hostile alternate dimension known as the “Upside Down”. The series has been often seen as an homage to ‘80s classics like E.T. and Poltergeist.

Composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of the electronic band S U R V I V E, the soundtrack predominantly relies on legacy synthesizers, used by 1980s artists and film composers such as Jean Michel-Jarre, Tangerine Dream and Vangelis. Dixon and Stein were asked by the Duffer Brothers to score Stranger Things, after the Duffers initially used the S U R V I V E song ‘Dirge’ to soundtrack their pitch trailer. According to The Guardian “The Austin analogue aficionados were electronic music cult-concerns, making unfashionable retro synthscapes with their band Survive, before the series’ creators, the Duffer brothers, came calling.” By their own admission, Dixon and Stein grew up listening to Aphex Twin, Autechra and Bogdan Raczynski. They also cite influences of scores for Ex Machina and Annihilation, both composed by Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow of Portishead, John Carpenter’s soundtrack for Big Trouble in Little China and Tangerine Dream’s score for The Keep.

Pitchfork states that “From the moment the glowing title card of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” drifts across the screen, the undulating synth arpeggios make it clear that music will play a key role.” AllMusic refers to the duo’s music as an “unabashed love letter to the work of John Carpenter, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Tangerine Dream… their homages are always in service of Stranger Things’ story and mood. Frequently, they reach the iconic heights of their influences: The show’s Emmy-winning theme, with its thudding percussion, arpeggiated synth chords, bright bursts of synthesized bass, and sinister choral effects, encapsulates the feel of ’80s sci-fi and horror perfectly.”

The score has been nominated for Best Score Soundtrack for Grammy Awards. The Stranger Things Theme won an Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music in 2017, and has since inspired many remixes and mash-ups, including Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Stranger Things’ Feat. J.R. Donato, asabakaev vs. Childish Gambino’s ‘Stranger Things Theme Song / Bonfire’ Mash-Up, 2 Below’s ‘Stranger Things Theme’ remix, Kaskobi’s ‘Stranger Things vs. Ariana Grande’ mash-up.

London Music Works has released and participated in recordings on over 100 albums and have in excess of 900,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.


1. Stranger Things Theme
2. Kids
3. This Isn’t You
4. Eleven
5. Eulogy
6. The First Lie
7. Soldiers
8. Choices
9. Boys and Girls
10. The First I Love You
11. The Silver Cat Feeds
12. Aftermath
13. What’s The Internet
14. You’re The Heart
15. Teens
16. Letter to Willy
17. You Have Already Lost
18. Season 4 End Scene


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Music by Nainita Desai


Nainita Desai’s soundtrack to BBC One Thriller Crossfire. Starring Bodyguard and Line of Duty star Keeley Hawes, this three-part high-octane drama follows the story of Jo (Hawes) and her family and friends, as their world turns upside down by a terrorist attack on the holiday complex where they are staying. Gripping and powerful, Crossfire features complicated characters that feel real. This is a story of survival and resilience, with fearless women at the centre. Starring along Keeley Hawes are Josette Simon (Small Axe, Riviera), Anneika Rose (Deadwater Fell, Line Of Duty), Lee Ingleby (The A Word, The Serpent Queen), Daniel Ryan (The Bay, Home Fires) and Vikash Bhai (The Stranger, Limbo). The 3 -part series is currently available to view on BBC iPlayer.

Nainita’s soundtrack exists in the space where sound design and orchestral score meet with the intimate and beautiful melodic motifs scattered amongst the sound waves. The music comes from within the environment. Sound effects have meaning and are part of the score. Nainita manipulates and integrates the sounds of the surroundings into the music. For Jo’s running up and down corridors she uses Keeley Hawes’s recorded breath, both for fear and as a visceral immersive up-close feeling of tension. Nainita also restrains rhythms and pulses and replaces strings with reed instruments to further deepen the experience of discomfort and disorientation.

Nainita explains “The brief for the score from the team was that they wanted the audience to ‘feel’ the score rather than ‘hear’ the score; not to push the story but to enhance the feeling that was already there; to never over dramatize the story but for the experience to be almost documentary like in places”.

Nainita Desai is an Emmy and Royal Television Society award winning composer best known for her Oscar nominated and BAFTA and Cannes winning feature documentary For Sama, and Sundance and BIFA winning feature The Reason I Jump. Other recent credits include BBC drama Maryland, Bafta nominated American Murder, ITV crime drama series The Tower (Mammoth Screen; Gemma Whelan), as well as Netflix hit 14 Peaks : Nothing Is Impossible (exec: Jimmy Chinn), Predators for Sky/Netflix, and acclaimed Interactive film-game Immortality. Film4 labelled her as one of the top 5 “composers of 2020 who should be on your radar” and Mark Kermode, the UK’s leading film critic placed her score for The Reason I Jump in the Top 3 film scores of 2021 with Empire Magazine championing her as one of the “5 film composers to watch out for 2022”.

Also available on Silva Screen Records are Nainita Desai’s scores for BBC ITV’s The Tower and the widely acclaimed British–Romanian nature documentary Untamed Romania.


1. Crossfire Main Titles
2. Face-Off
3. Secret Plans
4. Look Inside
5. In The Basement
6. Swimming Pool Shooting
7. Chasing Corridors
8. The Beach
9. Knives and Guns
10. What Could Be
11. Rooftop Heat
12. Internal Decisions
13. Sinking Disappointment
14. Kitchen Kaos
15. Hostages
16. Hot Pursuit
17. I’m Glad We Did
18. Reliving The Moment
19. Unthinkable
20. Talk Down
21. Brave Heroes
22. Back Home

The Essential Games Music Collection Vol.3

The Essential Games Music Collection Vol.3
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Music by London Music Works


The third instalment in Silva Screen’s games soundtracks collection. This dizzying selection features a wide range of music from both award-winning and well-established film and TV soundtrack composers such as Clint Mansell, Bear McCreary, Hans Zimmer, and composers well known within the games soundtracks community – Inon Zur, Motoi Sakuraba, Yuka Kitamura, Jack Wall, Daniel Rosenfeld, Shoi Miyazawa, Tai Tomisawa, Tsukasa Saitoh and Yoshimi Kudo.

Always important to fans, and supported by the media, indie scene and digital distribution, the game soundtrack has now firmly established itself via Spotify and Apple playlists. The boundless imagination of games has spurred artistic freedoms resulting in an infinite variety of sound – from metal to industrial infusions, 80s synth-rock nostalgia, orchestral swoops and romantic pianos. Today, the game soundtrack is well established as a genre, with the inspiration and quality matching that of the film and TV soundtracks.

This electrifying follow-up to 2018’s Essential Games Music Collection Volume 2 highlights some of the best recent video game themes. The album features a number of epic tracks backed by choirs such as Bear McCreary’s ‘God of War’ and Motoi Sakuraba and Yuka Kitamura’s ‘Theme’ From Dark Souls 3, as well as the Tsukasa Saitoh’s unnerving ‘Cleric Beast’ from Bloodborne reminding of the best horror soundtracks. The album opens with the cello theme in ‘Journey’ from Destiny 2 and proceeds to piano centric and sweeping orchestral tracks, leading to Clint Mansell’s ‘Leaving Earth’ from Mass Effect 3. and Daniel Rosnefeld’s quirky ‘Sweden’ from Minecraft, evoking a sound of Bach’s Fugue. Hans Zimmer delivers a pulsating and rich, hybrid orchestral track in ‘Intro’ From Crysis 2, whilst ‘The Song of the Dragonborn’ from Skyrim and Elden Ring ‘Theme’ fittingly bring to conclusion this exhilarating album.

The excellent London Music Works has up to date released and participated in recordings on over 100 albums and have in excess of 900,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.



1. Journey (from “Destiny 2”)
2. Main Theme (from “Fallout 4”)
3. Suicide Mission (from “Mass Effect 2”)
4. Leaving Earth (from “Mass Effect 3”)
5. God of War (from “God of War”)
6. Theme (from “Dark Souls 3”)
7. Sweden (from “Minecraft”)
8. Cleric Beast (from “Bloodborne”)
9. Intro (From “Crysis 2”)
10. The Song of the Dragonborn (from “Skyrim”)
11. Elden Ring (From “Elden Ring”)