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The Following Events Are Based On A Pack Of Lies

The Following Events Are Based On A Pack Of Lies
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Music by Arthur Sharpe


Arthur Sharpe’s soundtrack for The Following Events Are Based on a Pack of Lies.

The dark, comic and unpredictable five-episode thriller series is written by siblings Penelope Skinner (Fresh Meat, Linda, Briony Hatch – a graphic novel) and Ginny Skinner (Briony Hatch – a graphic novel). Starring stars Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Alistair Petrie, Rebekah Staton, Romola Garai, and Derek Jacobi, the series follows Alistair Petrie’s sleazebag serial scammer, Robert, engaging in a game of cat and mouse with Alice (Rebekah Staton), the abandoned ex-wife who thought he was dead, and Cheryl (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) the successful fantasy author who he is currently attempting to extort money from.

Penelope and Ginny Skinner observe – “In a world where convicted conmen become overnight cultural icons, bypassing blame on their way to fame, we have been inspired to fight back against the glorification of the predator. We want to tell a story about the real heroes of any scam: those who risk everything to call out the perpetrators.”

Den of Geek describes the series stylistic form – “The BBC scammer drama isn’t a biopic, but it comes with shades of reality” while The Guardian describes Alice’s quest for revenge as a “total thrill”. The intricacies of composing a soundtrack for such a form is explained by composer Arthur Sharpe – “To create a sound world within which the music spans the bright colours of the visuals to the dark insidiousness of a conman, I employed a wide variety of sounds.”

The score is an amalgam of harpsichords, harps, strings and marimbas driven along by the beats of the Bangers & Crash percussion group, with added sprinklings of detuned echos, scaffolding, broken floor tiles and a metal toy box; all combinations augmenting and supporting the storyline peppered with deceit and paranoia. It reflects Alice’s attempts to out the ex-husband who destroyed her life as he attempts to woo and steal from his new victim, the unsuspecting fantasy author and recently widowed Cheryl.” Delightful and surprising, Arthur’s soundtrack proves a perfect fit for the series.

Arthur Sharpe is a BAFTA, Ivor Novello and RTS Award-winning film and TV composer. He is known for his HBO & Sky Atlantic series Landscapers (2021), a genre-distorting true crime drama starring Olivia Colman and David Thewlis, for which he won multiple awards including the 2022 BAFTA for Best Original Music and the Ivor Novello Award for Best Television Soundtrack; and the feature film The Electrical Life of Louis Wain (2021), a Victorian-era artist’s biopic starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy. Other notable works include BBC1 comedy Ghosts (2019 – present), Women On The Verge (2018) created by Lorna Martin and Sharon Horgan, Neil Forsyth’s BBC Scotland & BBC2 drama Guilt (2019 – 2023) and C4’s black comedy drama Flowers (2016-2018) starring Sophia Di Martino, Olivia Colman and Julian Barrett.



1 Couplets 1:46

2 Air of Loftiness 1:56

3 Arathdoon 1:37

4 Building Mania 2:47

5 Tunnel Hearing 2:56

6 Impatience is a Virtue 2:49

7 Bounce & Melt 2:31

8 Malevolent Calm 1:40

9 MQPT 3:40

10 Pulsing Ahead 2:19

11 Secrets & Intrigue 1:36

12 Couplets Hypertension 2:09

13 The Ruins of Seduction 1:10

14 What Once Was There 3:47

15 The Dragon Queen of Thweme 2:06

16 The Swindlertrot 1:09

17 Unpersuading 4:48

18 MQPT Collapse 2:32

19 Rally & Recover 5:15

20 Unchartered Ambiguity 1:02

21 Truths Unearthed 2:17

22 Court Hearing 2:41

23 March of the Mountebank 2:32

24 All Trust Lost 1:35

25 Rage Uncontained 4:40

26 A Brief History of Bad Men (Getting Away with It) 3:56

27 Scheming 1:13

28 Hope in Resolve 4:02

Good Omens 2

Good Omens 2
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Music by David Arnold


David Arnold’s ‘end of the world’ complex and multi-genre soundtrack.

From the Award-winning composer of Sherlock and Casino Royale comes a follow up to the hugely successful, Emmy nominated Good Omens soundtrack.

Good Omens series 2 premiered on Prime Video on 28th July. The series follows the odd couple, angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and demon Crowley (David Tennant) in their quest to sabotage the end of the World. The six-episode sequel to the popular adaptation of the novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, concerns the Archangel Gabriel (Jon Hamm) arriving without his memories to Aziraphale’s bookshop. Aziraphale and Crowley attempt to find out what happened to Gabriel, whilst hiding him from Heaven and Hell, both eager to find him.

David Arnold’s soundtrack to Good Omens was first released in 2019 to favourable reviews, with BBC Music Magazine calling it “a rollicking trip to hell and back”. Blueprint Magazine described it as “a great listen” and Sci Fi Bulletin commented on “plenty of memorable themes” to conclude that “This is another work of art from Arnold”.

At times nostalgic and eerie but always varied, beautiful and full of excitement, the Good Omens 2 soundtrack showcases Arnold’s every skill from his composer arsenal. Featured here are orchestral arrangements with sprinkling of Sugar Plum Fairy pizzicato and percussion, jaunty strings and mighty choral sweeps from Crouch End Festival Chorus. Added to the mix are rock guitar riffs, and psychedelic 70s sounds and all together they create a haunting otherworldly feel, complementing the fantasy and the quirky humour of the show. The spirited Waltz of the opening theme is also present in the second series and it wonderfully sets the scene for fantastical mayhem. In series 2, this robust, evocative, and funny music entity, becomes yet again another character in the story.

Award-winning composer David Arnold is well known for his blockbuster scores, including Stargate, The Chronicles of Narnia: the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Hot Fuzz, Paul, Independence Day, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Casino Royale as well as for his TV work such as Sherlock and Dracula.

Also available: The original soundtrack to the first series of Good Omens >


– Disc 1 –
Chapter 1: The Arrival
1. Before the Beginning
2. Good Omens 2 Opening Title
3. Into Soho
4. Something Terrible
5. To The Bookshop
6. Maggie and Nina
7. He’s Smoking
8. Tiny Miracle
9. Heavenly Alarm Bells

Chapter 2: The Clue
10. Avaunt!
11. The Song is the Clue
12. It’s What God Wants
13. A Mighty Wind
14. Whales
15. Gabriel Returns
16. His New Children
17. Am I Awful Now?
18. Fallen Angel

Chapter 3: I Know Where I’m Going
19. Police Arrive
20. Scotland
21. We’re Going to Hell
22. People Get a Choice
23. My Car is Not Yellow
24. Beelzebub in Hell
25. The Book
26. The Fly
27. Mr. Dalrymple
28. We Need to Cut
29. I’m Going to Save Her
30. Crowley Goes Large
31. Not Kind
32. Beelzebub Isn’t Happy

– Disc 2 –
Chapter 4: The Hitchhiker
33. Hell-O
34. Nazi Zombies
35. March of the Nazi Zombies
36. Crowley Pep Talk
37. The Magic Shop
38. Catch The Bullet
39. Zombies in the Dressing Room

Chapter 5: The Ball
40. I’ll Let You Have It
41. We’re Storming a Book Shop
42. Monsieur Azirophale
43. The Candelabra
44. Here Comes Hell
45. Gabriel Gives Himself Up
46. Shax
47. The Circle

Chapter 6: Every Day
48. Bin Through the Window
49. Gabriel Leaving Heaven
50. The Halo
51. Gabriel Revealed
52. Gabriel’s Love Story
53. Leaving The Bookshop
54. Gabriel and Beelzebub
55. Crowley and Muriel
56. I Forgive You
57. Don’t Bother
58. The Biggest Decision
59. The End?

The Devil Rides Out

The Devil Rides Out
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Music by James Bernard


James Bernard’s soundtrack to Hammer’s classic 1968 film The Devil Rides Out. Hammer built on previous success in the horror genre by seeking literary adaptations, and this film is based on the Denis Wheatley novel of the same name. The script was written by Richard Matheson, himself a successful author of the novel, I Am Legend (1954), and with gothic horror maestro Terence Fisher directing, the resulting film remains one of Hammer’s most popular.

The story follows Nicholas, The Duc de Richleau (Christopher Lee) in his fight against a devil-worshipping cult. The Duc rescues his young friends and destroys the cult, with good triumphing over evil in a rare heroic role for Lee. The supernatural suspense is further realised by Bernard’s tense soundtrack, and his music has since become synonymous with Hammer’s horror oeuvre. James Bernard had already scored releases for Hammer including The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) and Dracula (1958), and his distinctive clashing strings and driving percussion instantly conjure this iconic Hammer film.


1. Opening Credits
2. Concerned Friends / Investigating The Observatory / Hidden Sacrifice
3. Protecting Simon
4. Balance Of Power
5. The Duc And Rex Follow Simon
6. Uninvited Guests
7. The Spirit In The Observatory
8. The Eve Of Mayday / Mocata’s Presence
9. Pursuing Tanith
10. The Baptism Begins
11. Orgy Of Evil
12. “The Goat Of Mendes – The Devil Himself!”
13. Rescuing Simon And Tanith
14. Mocata Visits The Eatons
15. Tanith Controls Rex / Inside The Circle
16. Visions Of Terror
17. The Angel Of Death
18. The Battle Is Lost / The Power Of Mocata
19. An Unstained Child
20. Finale And End Credits

The Escape Artist

The Escape Artist
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Music by Georges Delerue


The Escape Artist, released in 1982, starred Griffin O’Neal and Raul Julia with a tale of a young boy determined to follow in the footsteps of his father, “the greatest escape artist except for Houdini”.

Revered for his melodic skill and an innate emotional compass, French composer Georges Delerue could bring to bear music that was sweetly sentimental and drenched with pathos. He was a composer who could create magic, and that’s why he was director Caleb Deschanel’s one and only choice for The Escape Artist.

An already prolific screen career back home had seen him work with some of cinema’s greatest auteurs – everyone from François Truffaut and Bernardo Bertolucci to Alain Resnais and Jean-Luc Godard. Then there were the English-language films for directors like Jack Clayton, Fred Zinnemann, John Huston, Mike Nichols and John Frankenheimer. He had won an Oscar at the 52nd Academy Awards in 1980 for his music for A Little Romance and he took the plunge by moving to Los Angeles soon after.

This long unavailable soundtrack features extensive liner notes from film and music journalist Michael Beek.


1. Main Titles
2. Getting Ready for The Big Time
3. Danny’s Arrival
4. Burke & Sybil’s Act
5. Harry Masters
6. Leaving The Apartment
7. The Bridal Shop
8. Picking Up Sandra
9. The Water Tank
10. Drowning
11. Ted’s Rancho
12. Fritz Threatens Danny
13. Danny’s Escape
14. The Secret Revealed / Levitation
15. Opening The Safe
16. Stu Chases Danny
17. The Mailbox / End Credits

Bonus Tracks
18. Harry Masters (Alternate)
19. Source Music I
20. Source Music II
21. Stage Band
22. Ted’s Rancho (Source Music)
23. High School Band
24. Music Box
25. Practicing The Piano (Delerue Solo)
26. Main Theme – Original Piano Demo


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Music by John Barry


Wim Wender’s 1982 film (executive produced by Francis Ford Coppola) Hammett starred Frederic Forrest as the titular American crime writer who becomes mixed up in a fictional mystery, similar to his own stories.

It is often assumed that composer John Barry’s association with Francis Ford Coppola had been cemented through his work on two entirely different 1980s films: The Cotton Club (1984) and Peggy Sue Got Married (1986), but in truth, their relationship began earlier, when Barry was hired to score Hammett.

Barry had great fondness for his Hammett score telling Ford Thaxton in 2001, “I loved doing Hammett. That was a terrific movie. If the director’s got it correctly onto the screen and that intimacy is present, it’s just great to be able to write that simply and orchestrate that sparsely.”

This release is newly remastered and edited with additional and alternate cues and includes extensive sleeve notes from Geoff Leonard and Pete Walker, authors of John Barry Plays 007: The Music And Art Of James Bond.


1. Hammett Main Titles
2. Hammett’s Dream
3. Ryan is Missing
4. Chinatown Incident
5. Moonlight Over Spring River
6. Cookie’s Speakeasy
7. Shoeshine Blues
8. Shadow Man
9. The Library
10. Hammett Meets Salt / Suicide is Fascinating / I’m Calling It In
11. Look For Me at Fong’s
12. Potted Palms
13. The Opium Den / Escape from Fong’s
14. Hide and Seek
15. The Numbers Ticket Clue / A Belly Full of Daylight
16. Dixieland
17. You Can’t Forget Her Ever / Don’t Be A Chump, Let Her Go
18. A Cool Million
19. Waterfront Rendezvous
20. The Wrap Up
21. Hammett End Credits
22. Gumshoe Piano
23. Do You Like Bad Girls
24. Last Call
25. Hammett End Credits (Alternate)

A Year On Planet Earth

A Year On Planet Earth
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Music by Jasha Klebe


Jasha Klebe’s score to ITV’s 6-part nature series ‘A Year On Planet Earth’, presented by Stephen Fry. The awe-inspiring and ambitious series brings an innovative, interlinked story to reveal the incredible ways in which all life is impacted by the changing seasons.

Filmed in more than 60 locations, the series covers a wide range of animals, including African elephants, polar bears, blacktip sharks, chipmunks, grizzly bears, cheetahs, leatherback turtles, pandas and zebras, among many, many others.

Jasha Klebe comments “On approaching the music for the ITV series, ‘A Year On Planet Earth’ I wanted to create a score that was lyrical, vibrant, and a joyous celebration of the natural world. Using a kaleidoscope of instruments and textures, I crafted soundscapes to be as rich and colorful as the animals and environments they portrayed. Starting with ambient vocal calls, cascading strings, and a jubilant percussive motif – the heartbeat of the series – in the opening suite; to stacked ambient layers of my vocals in Bush Fire; delicate piano and wistful solo cello in Ice Bears; to the sweeping melodic song of Monarch Butterfly; I set out to evoke a wondrous, emotional journey, as we transitioned from each new season over a year on planet earth.”

Composer Jasha Klebe was brought up in a musical family. He studied classical piano and trombone for over 15 years before, he moved to Los Angeles to start working at Remote Control Productions under Hans Zimmer. Over the 4 years with Hans, Jasha wrote on such films as The Dark Knight Rises, Rush and Man of Steel. In 2013, Jasha became one of the headlining composers at Bleeding Fingers Music and has contributed music to some of the most acclaimed series on television, including Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II.

Jasha is also known for the Emmy nominated music of National Geographic’s Challenger Disaster, as well as Lost Tapes and Diana: In Her Own Words and Netflix’s Oscar nominated documentary, Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom. His other work includes the scores for the Emmy-nominated Netflix documentary, The Black Godfather, directed by Reginald Hudlin, FOX’s Malika the Lion Queen narrated by Angela Bassett, and Garrett Bradley’s poignant series, Naomi Osaka. More recently Jasha wrote the soundtrack to Peacock’s reimagining of the acclaimed series Queer As Folk, created by Stephen Dunn and executive produced by Russell T Davies.

Currently available on Silva Screen Records are scores for Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II.



1. A Year on Planet Earth Suite

2. Winter in the Arctic

3. King Penguins

4. Elephants

5. Magnificent Riflebird

6. Northern Lights

7. Red Squirrels

8. Polar Bears

9. Leatherback Turtle

10. Hummingbirds

11. Spring Baby Boom

12. Cheetahs

13. Hunt for Water

14. Red-Shanked Doucs

15. Tibetan Foxes

16. Baby Leatherback Turtles

17. Summer Solstice

18. Giant Pandas

19. Hooded Parrot

20. Bush Fire

21. Perseids

22. River Crossing

23. Autumn Colours

24. Chipmunks

25. Frozen Rivers

26. Ice Bears

27. Metamorphosis

28. Striped Marlin

29. Penguin Chick

30. Amur Falcons

31. Christmas Island Red Crabs

32. Mother and Baby Elephant

33. Monarch Butterfly

34. Journey Around the Sun


Earth EP
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Music by Paul Saunderson


Paul Saunderson’s expansive and complex score for BBC Studio’s landmark TV series ‘Earth’, presented by Chris Packham. The first episode, ‘Inferno’, broadcast on Monday 17th July 2023 sees the release of an artist-curated 5 track EP, Earth: One Planet. Many Lives, followed by the entire album score, released August 22nd.

Using the latest science and technology, the 5-part series tells the astonishing 4.5-billion-year story of our Earth. The series takes us back in time to reveal the Earth’s most significant events and draws parallels with climate change today. Composer Paul Saunderson perfectly captures the spirit of the Epic TV series by introducing gravitas and drama to underpin the struggles and successes of our planet’s history. Saunderson explains “I wanted the music to constantly give this sense of awe and wonder, combining very modal classical harmonies and progressions using a large live orchestra accompanied with a combination of modern synths, vocals, guitars, a range of instrumental soloists and percussion bedded with a plethora of uniquely manipulated found sounds and instruments, bespoke sound beds and other worldly textures to help further transport the viewer back in time to these alien like, unrecognisable images of our planet. Each episode looks at a different time period of our Earth, Inferno, Snowball, Green, Atmosphere and finally Human. Sonically each episode has its own pallet and instrumentation, with recurring thematic melodies and harmonies that give cohesion to the score.”

The album’s centre piece and entry point is the original song ‘Never Close Enough’, written in collaboration with an emerging artist SIPHO and used predominantly in the trailer for Earth. Paul met SIPHO at the Ivor Novello Awards 2022.

He was looking for an exciting new talent with a voice that could feel at home with such an epic piece of music and not get overwhelmed, and SIPHO was just the voice and talent for the song. An extension of the score, drawing on the same melodies, harmonies and instrumentation, it distils the album while showcasing SIPHO’s astonishing vocal talent.

With over 80 credits in Film & TV, Paul Saunderson has proved himself to be a vastly experienced British film composer and multi-instrumentalist, who is as equally at home with orchestras as he is with contemporary music.

His more recent work includes RAW’s BAFTA nominated and Academy Award shortlisted feature Three Identical Strangers, Left Bank’s long running action TV show Strike Back and Apple TV’s hit comedy series Trying. Saunderson learnt his craft working as arranger/programmer and additional composer on over 35 feature films including Kick-Ass, Coriolanus, Black Sea, Johnny English: Reborn, 47 Ronin and Shaun The Sheep: The Movie. He was an assistant to the award winning composer llan Eshkeri and production assistant to Grammy award winning film music producer Steve McLaughlin.

Paul has also written arrangements for a variety of recording artists including Coldplay, Kasabian, The Cinematic Orchestra, and Guy Garvey of ELBOW.

The collaboration with Guy has led to a fruitful partnership resulting in the recent scoring of Apple TV’s Trying and Mike Bartlett’s acclaimed 2020 BBC series Life. Recently, Paul has completed work on Balloon Entertainment’s musical drama Champion.


EP tracklist
1. Earth
2. Earth Creation
3. Planet Reborn
4. The Rains
5. Earth’s Story


Full soundtrack album
1. Never Close Enough
2. Our Living World
3. Pangea
4. Green Earth
5. In The Beginning
6. Triassic Earth
7. Earth Creation
8. Our Atmosphere
9. A New World
10. Earth’s Story
11. Atmospheric Instability
12. Planet Reborn
13. Competing For Light
14. Snowball Earth
15. Continents
16. Genesis
17. The Rains
18. Plant Transformation
19. Riding
20. Something Is Stirring
21. New Frontiers
22. Adaptation
23. Never The Same Again
24. Tectonic Shifting
25. Prototaxites
26. Pangea Recovery
27. The Rifting
28. A Changed Planet
29. On The Brink
30. Warming Planet
31. The Blue Sky
32. Desolate Winter
33. Ice Retreats
34. The Great Dying
35. Impact
36. Downward Spiral
37. Glorious Summer
38. Ice Age
39. Fungi Mission
40. Temperature Rise
41. Earth

50 Guitar Classics: In The Lounge

50 Guitar Classics In The Lounge
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Music by Swan



1 Alley Cat

2 And the Band Played On

3 As Time Goes By

4 Autum Leaves

5 Barbara Allen

6 Bluzette

7 Both Sides, Now

8 Brazil

9 Chariots of Fire

10 Day Dream Believer

11 Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?

12 Do You Know the Way to San Jose

13 Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

14 Downtown

15 Edelweiss (from “The Sound Of Music”)

16 I’m Falling in Love Again

17 Georgy Girl

18 Goodbye

19 I’ll Be There

20 If I Only Had a Brain

21 Imagine

22 Inamaratta

23 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

24 Lady Be Good

25 Let Me Call You Sweetheart

26 Mellow Yellow

27 Memory (from “Cats”)

28 Misty

29 Mr Sandman

30 My Favourite Things (from “The Sound Of Music”)

31 Oh, What A Beautiful Morning (from “Oklahoma”)

32 Perfect Day

33 Puttin’ On The Ritz

34 Que Sera Sera

35 Run

36 Satin Doll

37 Send In The Clowns (from “A Little Night Music”)

38 The Shadow of Your Smile (from “The Sandpiper”)

39 So Happy Together

40 Stairway to Heaven

41 Tenderly

42 Unchained Melody

43 Under Paris Skies

44 Waterloo Sunset

45 We Three Kings

46 What A Wonderful World

47 What the World Needs Now Is Love

48 When You Wish Upon A Star

49 Wouldn’t it be Loverly?

50 Yesterday

‘Signature’ Debbie Wiseman Live In Concert

Debbie Wiseman Live In Concert
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Music by Debbie Wiseman & City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra


Debbie Wiseman OBE conducts City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, performing her most loved music compositions.

Enjoying a long-standing association with Silva Screen Records, Signature is Debbie’s ninth album on the label, following high-profile popular releases such as A Poet In New York, Wolf Hall and Dickensian. With this album, Debbie Wiseman celebrates her 60th Birthday and her long distinguished artistic career in the world of TV, film and concert music. The concert will be broadcast on Classic FM.

Debbie says: “To have the opportunity of conducting the CBSO with some of my favourite music and scores composed for film, TV, royalty, Classic FM and special occasions is the best birthday gift I could ever imagine. I have long admired the CBSO – their orchestral sound is naturally glorious, rich and dramatic, and to be able to collaborate with this world-class orchestra on this live album is a dream come true. I truly feel as though all my birthdays have come at once!

Signature features a selection of Debbie Wiseman’s most popular pieces with new orchestral arrangements specially created for the prestigious CBSO. The orchestra is also conducted by the composer herself, making the event even more memorable for both the composer and CBSO, as well as Debbie’s faithful fans. Other highlights from the album include ‘Wolf Hall’, ‘A Lustre To This Day’ (originally written for the acclaimed British cellist Steven Isserlis) and ‘Elizabeth Remembered’ (music featured on the BBC’s coverage of the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II).



1. Myrtle (from The Glorious Garden)
2. Water Lily (from The Glorious Garden)
3. Wolf Hall concert suite
4. Father Brown concert suite
5. A Lustre To This Day
6. Wilde concert suite
7. Elizabeth II (from the Queen’s 90th Birthday celebration)
8. The Traveller
9. Tom’s Midnight Garden concert suite
10. Elizabeth Remembered
11. Charles III
12. Onwards
13. Salute

Steeltown Murders

Steeltown Murders
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Music by Sarah Warne


Based on real life events, the BBC Wales’ commissioned four-part series depicts the hunt for ‘The Saturday Night Strangler’ who terrorized Port Talbot in the 1970s. The series is set in 1973 and then in 2000, when DNA breakthroughs helped finally catch the killer. Described by MSN as “a more thoughtful class of true crime drama” and by The Arts Desk as “a respectful, even affectionate piece of work”, the focus of the series is on mapping the toll of an unsolved murder on the people left behind in pain.

The series is written by Ed Whitmore (Manhunt, Safe House) and made by Severn Screen (The Pembrokeshire Murders, Hidden/Craith) for the BBC in association with All3Media International. It stars Philip Glenister (Life On Mars, State Of Play) as DCI Paul Bethell, Steffan Rhodri (In My Skin, Gavin & Stacey) as DCI Phil ‘Bach’ Rees, with their younger selves played by Scott Arthur (Good Omens, Borg McEnroe) and Siôn Alun Davies (The Sandman, Hidden). All 4 episodes are currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Composer Sarah Warne exquisitely captures the series zeitgeist with her fragile orchestral score. Industrial percussion, haunting vocals and intense orchestral colours are fused together in the dark and poignant landscape of Steeltown Murders. At its heart, the score evolves and transforms the traditional Welsh hymn tune ‘llef’, in the drawing together of a broken and harrowed South Wales community. A sense of resilience and ultimate catharsis are pursued in the music, beautifully performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, together with various additional soloists including voices, halldorophone, and guitars.

Sarah Warne trained as a classical harpist, pianist and composer. In her composition work, she specialises in blending acoustic instruments with unique electronic signatures. Sarah is best known for her work on Channel 4’s critically acclaimed television drama series Humans, and her recent scores for BBC’s Time and ITV’s Des. Sarah has also scored various primetime documentaries including several films for the BAFTA nominated series Catching a Killer (Channel 4), and her recent series about Putin and Russian corruption in London, Once Upon a Time in Londongrad, which is a 6-part documentary for Sky Atlantic directed by Oscar nominated director Jed Rothstein for Rise Films. Sarah Warne’s scores for Humans, Des, Time and Dark Money are available on Silva Screen Records.


1. Steeltown Murders (Main Titles) 1:20
2. Are You Sure There Wasn’t a Link? 1:19
3. Free Souls 1:01
4. Good Night 3:43
5. I Want To Get Started 0:46
6. A Minute Of Your Time 0:43
7. For Us or For The Victims? 1:15
8. Keeping an Open Mind 1:01
9. The Grief of a Community 1:29
10. Paul Was Right 3:01
11. E-Fit 2:14
12. Revisiting John Morgan 1:21
13. Taking Dai’s DNA 1:38
14. Meeting Willoughby 2:00
15. Double Allele 1:50
16. 13 Names 1:24
17. Try Anything 0:41
18. Thank You For Your Time 0:55
19. Running to Remember or Running to Forget 0:45
20. Case Closed 1:45
21. One Man Is Responsible 2:01
22. Making It Right 1:47
23. Are We Doing the Right Thing? 0:30
24. Imagine Being the Father 1:27
25. I Need This 1:55
26. Waiting For the News 3:03
27. Making Sense of It (Part I) 4:34
28. Making Sense of It (Part II) 2:18