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Emily Mortimer (Bright Young Things, Young Adam) and Gerard Butler (The Phantom Of The Opera, Lara Croft Tomb Raider – The Cradle Of Life) star in this heart-warming tale of a young boy yearning for a father he has never known.Composer Alex Heffes has written the acclaimed scores for the Oscar winning One Day In September and the BAFTA Awards triumph Touching The Void.

Alex Heffes’ wistful piano score perfectly accompanies this heartwarming and often humorous tale of nine year old Frankie and his mom, Lizzie. Directed by Shona Aurebach, starring Emily Mortimer (Young Adam, Lovely and Amazing, Bright Young Things), Gerard Butler (Tomb Raider 2, Phantom of The Opera) and Jack McElhone (Young Adam) as Frankie.

Composer of scores for Parole Officer and Touching The Void, Alex Heffes’ music received wide critical acclaim, being described as “exceptional” by The Guardian newspaper (UK).