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Lisa Friend – Cinema Affair

Flautist Lisa Friend’s album of evocative and romantic themes from the greatest cinema classics

01. The John Dunbar Theme (From “Dances With Wolves”)
02. Once Upon A Time In America Main Theme (From “Once Upon A Time In America”)
03. Cinema Paradiso Love Theme (From “Cinema Paradiso”)
04. Whisper Of A Thrill (From “Meet Joe Black”)
05. La Califfa
06. Pride And Prejudice
07. The Red Tent
08. Where Dreams Are Born (From “A.i. Artificial Intelligence”)
09. The Ludlows (From “Legends Of The Fall”)
10. Cinema Paradiso Main Theme (From “Cinema Paradiso”)
11. The Cider House Rules End Titles (From “The Cider House Rules”)
12. Love Affair End Credits (From “Love Affair”)