Over 30 Years of Outstanding Film & Television Music + Much More!
Music From The Star Wars Saga

Performed By The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Composed by John Williams

38 years ago in March 1977 John Williams entered a studio in the beautiful English village of Denham to begin recording the score for Star Wars, a film that would become legend, not just for its cinematic milestone but also for its triumphal music.

This compilation brings together selections from all six Star Wars films featuring John William’s towering and epic scores performed by the renowned City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Highlights include The Imperial March , Forest Battle, Duel Of The Fates and The Throne Room/Finale, the latter the masterful ending to the original 1977 Star Wars and the Oscar winner for best score.

Episode IV: A New Hope
01. Star Wars: A New Hope
02. Cantina Band
03. Princess Leia
04. The Throne Room / Finale

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
05. The Imperial March
06. Han Solo And The Princess 
07. The Asteroid Field
08. Yoda’s Theme

Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi 
09. Forest Battle

Episode I: The Phantom Menace
10. Anakin’s Theme 
11. The Flag Parade
12. The Adventures Of Jar Jar
13. Duel Of The Fates

Episode II: Attack Of The Clones 
14. Across The Stars

Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith 
15. Battle Of The Heroes