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Ravi Shankar – Rare and Glorious – TSQCD9069

More than any other musician from the subcontinent Ravi Shankar catalysed and crystallised so much when it came to fostering appreciation and understanding of Hindustani or Northern Indian classical or art music. For many of his countrymen and women and foreign audiences alike, India’s best-known musician provided their first taste of this inspired and inspiring music. Remaining true to his guru’s teachings and guidance, the sitarist plucked out and delivered innovation within tradition, continuity within change, change within continuity.

On these 2 CD’s we present some of his classic recordings: some have never been officially released on CD before. With an introductory essay that helps locate his position in the pantheon, and brief track notes taken from the original vinyl albums, these recordings – both solo and accompanied – are a perfect introduction to the man and his music, and essential listening for both newcomer and connoisseur alike.