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Seven Worlds One Planet

Seven Worlds One Planet

Theme by Hans Zimmer and Jacob Shea
Score by Jacob Shea for Bleeding Fingers Music

“Cameras took us intimately close to the animals, then pulled overhead for drone shots, then even further to satellites showing the Earth’s curvature. They took us into the air and under the sea, soaring and sweeping, accompanied by Hans Zimmer’s suitably epic score and Attenborough’s whispery narration – a sound which has become as reassuringly familiar as our own breathing.” – The Telegraph

1. Seven Worlds One Planet Suite
2. European Macaques
3. Northern Lights
4. Mayflies
5. Battling Musk Ox
6. The House of Gods (Angel Falls)
7. Cotton-Top Tamarins
8. South Georgia Whaling Station
9. A Monumental Feat
10. Canadian Lynx
11. Great Dusky Swifts
12. Survival
13. Fireflies
14. Albatross Facing Extinction
15. Australian Cassowary
16. The Brown Hyena of Namibia
17. Cheetahs of Kenya
18. The Golden Snub Nosed Monkeys
19. South American Puma
20. Conservation