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The Science Fiction Album

The Science Fiction Album

“A piece like that is deceptively simple to try to find the few right notes that will make a right leitmotivic identification for a character like Indiana Jones. I remember working on that thing for days and days, changing notes, changing this, inverting that, trying to get something that seemed to me to be just right. I can’t speak for my colleagues but for me things which appear to be very simple are not at all, they’re only simple after the fact. The manufacture of these things which seem inevitable is a process that can be laborious and difficult”

– John Williams on the Raiders March

The Indiana Jones Trilogy is the latest offering in Silva Screen’s acclaimed series of new digital and surround recordings, featuring some of the best of John Williams’ music from Steven Spielberg’s trilogy, including:

The Raiders March
The Map Room
The Basket Game
The Mine Car Chase
Indy’s First Adventure
Cole Porter’s Anything Goes.