Over 30 Years of Outstanding Film & Television Music + Much More!
100 Greatest TV Themes – Vol. 3
The third release in Silva Screen’s bestselling TV theme compilation series, 100 classic TV memories both old and new spread over four CDs.

Where else could you find the majestic music to Downton Abbey rubbing shoulders with the brooding Game Of Thrones theme or the wild jazz infused Jetsons theme alongside the sprightly Love Boat?

Over 50 years of small screen music to surprise and hark back to from Agatha Christie’s Poirot to Wonder Woman changing channels along the way for small screen opuses such as The Andy Griffith Show, Magnum P.I., Dexter, Sex And The City and The Wire.

A true box of delights, which as in the previous releases in the series, offers a comprehensive snapshot of the very best music on television past and present.