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A Year On Planet Earth

A Year On Planet Earth
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Music by Jasha Klebe


Jasha Klebe’s score to ITV’s 6-part nature series ‘A Year On Planet Earth’, presented by Stephen Fry. The awe-inspiring and ambitious series brings an innovative, interlinked story to reveal the incredible ways in which all life is impacted by the changing seasons.

Filmed in more than 60 locations, the series covers a wide range of animals, including African elephants, polar bears, blacktip sharks, chipmunks, grizzly bears, cheetahs, leatherback turtles, pandas and zebras, among many, many others.

Jasha Klebe comments “On approaching the music for the ITV series, ‘A Year On Planet Earth’ I wanted to create a score that was lyrical, vibrant, and a joyous celebration of the natural world. Using a kaleidoscope of instruments and textures, I crafted soundscapes to be as rich and colorful as the animals and environments they portrayed. Starting with ambient vocal calls, cascading strings, and a jubilant percussive motif – the heartbeat of the series – in the opening suite; to stacked ambient layers of my vocals in Bush Fire; delicate piano and wistful solo cello in Ice Bears; to the sweeping melodic song of Monarch Butterfly; I set out to evoke a wondrous, emotional journey, as we transitioned from each new season over a year on planet earth.”

Composer Jasha Klebe was brought up in a musical family. He studied classical piano and trombone for over 15 years before, he moved to Los Angeles to start working at Remote Control Productions under Hans Zimmer. Over the 4 years with Hans, Jasha wrote on such films as The Dark Knight Rises, Rush and Man of Steel. In 2013, Jasha became one of the headlining composers at Bleeding Fingers Music and has contributed music to some of the most acclaimed series on television, including Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II.

Jasha is also known for the Emmy nominated music of National Geographic’s Challenger Disaster, as well as Lost Tapes and Diana: In Her Own Words and Netflix’s Oscar nominated documentary, Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom. His other work includes the scores for the Emmy-nominated Netflix documentary, The Black Godfather, directed by Reginald Hudlin, FOX’s Malika the Lion Queen narrated by Angela Bassett, and Garrett Bradley’s poignant series, Naomi Osaka. More recently Jasha wrote the soundtrack to Peacock’s reimagining of the acclaimed series Queer As Folk, created by Stephen Dunn and executive produced by Russell T Davies.

Currently available on Silva Screen Records are scores for Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II.



1. A Year on Planet Earth Suite

2. Winter in the Arctic

3. King Penguins

4. Elephants

5. Magnificent Riflebird

6. Northern Lights

7. Red Squirrels

8. Polar Bears

9. Leatherback Turtle

10. Hummingbirds

11. Spring Baby Boom

12. Cheetahs

13. Hunt for Water

14. Red-Shanked Doucs

15. Tibetan Foxes

16. Baby Leatherback Turtles

17. Summer Solstice

18. Giant Pandas

19. Hooded Parrot

20. Bush Fire

21. Perseids

22. River Crossing

23. Autumn Colours

24. Chipmunks

25. Frozen Rivers

26. Ice Bears

27. Metamorphosis

28. Striped Marlin

29. Penguin Chick

30. Amur Falcons

31. Christmas Island Red Crabs

32. Mother and Baby Elephant

33. Monarch Butterfly

34. Journey Around the Sun