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And Then There Were None

Music By Stuart Earl
Original Television Soundtrack

Stuart Earl’s score to the BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie’s best- selling thriller, And Then There Were None, nominated for the 61st Ivor Novello Awards in the Best Television Soundtrack category.

Stuart Earl’s previous scores have been described as “mood-enhancing” (Hollywood Reporter), “reflective” (Nouse) “evocative” (Film-Forward), “dreamlike” (Little White Lies). His mastery is not to underline, but to draw from the story and characters, and to craft an exquisite sound world, and this is what he accomplishes in And Then There Were None. A meditation on guilt, the 3-part drama serial premiered in the UK December 26th to 28th on BBC One in the UK. The series averaged 8.7 million viewers, with 9.5 million people tuning into the first night and garnered widespread critical acclaim.

1. A Past Remembered
2. Rsvp
3. Journeys
4. Across Dark Waters
5. Arrival At Soldier Island
6. Swan Song
7. Remorse
8. Nightmares
9. Escalating Dread
10. Regret
11. Suspended Dream
12. Longing
13. Vera’s Truth
14. Conclusion
15. And Then There Were None – Credits