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Music by Lindsay Wright


Lindsay Wright’s score for Archie, ITV’s serialised biopic of Cary Grant, based on Dyan Cannon’s biography ‘Dear Cary’ and Jennifer Grant’s memoir ‘Good Stuff’. Archie is a uniquely sad profile of the Hollywood star, taking the viewer through his tumultuous life and focusing on later years. It is penned by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Jeff Pope (Philomena) and directed by Bafta-winning Paul Andrew Williams (Murdered for Being Different) and stars Jason Isaacs as Grant and Laura Aikman as Cannon.

Lindsay Wright’s soundtrack perfectly portrays Cary Grant’s emotional turmoil. It opens with a strained piano theme over pulsating strings, the two-chord harmonic movement remaining unresolved. Much of the score underlines the emotional anguish, apart from a jazzy number ‘Here We Go’, placing Cary’s childhood in 20s Bristol and the upbeat, fast moving track ‘Rehearsing’. ‘Child Birth’, followed by ‘Jennifer’ sweetly depicts the brief time of happy domesticity in Grant’s life.

Lindsay Wright is an award-winning composer combining traditional practices with experimental techniques. She is known for HBO/BBC feature documentary The Mystery of D.B. Cooper, BBC documentary series Inside Monaco and the four-part BBC series 21 Again. Recent highlights from her range of projects include the five-part ITV drama series The Walk-In starring Stephen Graham and four-part documentary series The Man Who Played With Fire for Sky and Discovery. She regularly collaborates with artist & composer Tawiah on projects such as the Left Bank Pictures thriller series Without Sin, comedy/drama series Black Ops for BBC 1 (nominated for a RTS Award for Original Music), Sky Atlantic’s comedy/drama series The Lovers, and upcoming six-part BBC supernatural drama series, Domino Day.


1. Archie

2. Here We Go

3. John’s Death

4. Rehearsing

5. I Made Him Up

6. Rejection

7. Fishponds

8. Better Place

9. Tough Crowd

10. Bliss

11. Father

12. Where Is She

13. Hello Mother

14. I Said No

15. Childbirth

16. Jennifer

17. Divorce Papers

18. Elsie Maria Leach

19. I Belong Somewhere

20. Archibald Alexander Leach