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Music by Harry Escott

Harry Escott’s original score for BBC drama Roadkill. Starring Hugh Laurie, the four-part political thriller was written by David Hare (The Hours, The Reader) and directed by Line of Duty’s Michael Keillor. The thriller follows a self-made, forceful, and charismatic politician whose public and private life is being picked apart by his enemies.

Over the last two decades, Harry Escott has worked with some of the industry’s finest filmmakers composing scores for Eran Creevy’s Shifty, Paddy Considine’s Journeyman, Steve McQueen’s Shame, David Slade’s Hard Candy and Alvaro Delgado’s Retablo. He is known for his long standing relationship with Michael Winterbottom, for whom he has scored several films including A Might Heart, The Face of An Angel and most recently, Greed and with Clio Barnard for whom he has scored all of her films including the forthcoming Ali & Ava.

Away from the screen, Escott’s recent works include a collaboration with the poet Lavinia Greenlaw for her sound installation, Audio Obscura, which won the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry and O Light Of Light, a reflection on Tallis’ O Nata Lux which was commissioned and performed by Ora Singers.

Harry Escott’s score for Roadkill is a jazzy, small ensemble affair featuring Mercury nominated pianist Kit Downes as leader of the band of world class performers – Martin France on drums, Richard Price on Double Bass, Oliver Pashley on Clarinet and Hugh Wilkinson on Vibraphone. Escott’s jaunty yet slippery themes and chromatic angular waltzes, seem to be purposefully disassociated from the on-screen drama. The music’s role in Roadkill is to heighten our understanding of the central character, the sociopathic politician Peter Laurence, skilfully played by Hugh Laurie.

Roadkill premiered on BBC One, UK on 18th October and is expected to premiere in the U.S. in early 2021 as part of the PBS’ Masterpiece series.

Roadkill is Harry Escott’s 4th release on Silva Screen Records, following Shifty (2009), The Face of An Angel (2015) and River (2015), for which he was awarded the Music and Sound Award for best original TV score in 2016.

1. Chess Game Shuffle
2. Gently Crushing Lily
3. The Comb
4. Off To Downing Street
5. Back In The Game
6. Lily Tails To Marylebone
7. A Hell Of A Price For A Speech
8. The Game’s In Play
9. Are We Allowed To Kiss?
10. The Shark’s In The Swimming Pool
11. Shephill Prison
12. We’re Very Grateful
13. Running Over Deer
14. Prison Riot
15. Charmian Pepper
16. Moving On From Madeleine
17. I Was Humiliated
18. Roadkill Title Theme
19. Strewing Rose Petals

The Capture

The Capture
Music by Dave Rowntree and Ian Arber

“In the most spied on country in the world, the BBC surveillance thriller is both deeply unsettling and terrifyingly plausible” – The Guardian

Starring Holliday Grainger and Callum Turner, The Capture is BBC’s Big Brother themed thriller set in our contemporary world of digital surveillance. The first six episodes of Season 1 established a heightened world of deception and paranoia. Season 2 filming is scheduled for summer 2021.

Composers Dave Rowntree and Ian Arber were presented with a brief to compose a complex and melody-driven score. The director Ben Chanan (The Missing, Cyberbully) wanted the score to reflect the puzzle nature of the story, using bold and idiosyncratic themes for the characters to help enhance the show’s twists and turns. The music was to become a part of storytelling, and the themes were to evolve with the characters, as their relationships developed, entwined and collided.

David Rowntree and Ian Arber used their strengths as a duo to approach this distinctive and mysterious musical world. David’s experimental, analogue synth and percussive experience, in combination with Ian’s more traditional, melody-driven orchestral background led to a rich and unique hybrid of ideas and techniques, with both composers collaborating on every cue. Dave Rowntree is the drummer for the rock band Blur, whilst Ian Arber (Medici, My Name Is Lenny, I Am Bolt) is a classically trained composer proficient in cello, piano, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, and music production.

“We created the sound of this world using our unique blend of electronic and organic sounds, interweaving a live string section for the characters at the heart of the story. The purity of the strings helped contrast and focus in on the heart of the human stories within the unravelling world. We used many effects and techniques to distort, glitch and stutter electronic sounds, but also processed the purer sounds like the strings, when our musical worlds needed to collide. We hid clues in the music by creating images and converting these to sounds using a number of techniques which allowed the images to be reconstructed by a viewer from the audio, and also incorporated hints based on Morse Code rhythms.” – Ian Arber

1. The Capture Titles
2. The Soldier
3. Would It Be You?
4. The Assault
5. What Happens in Helmand
6. Seeing is Deceiving
7. Tread Carefully
8. Tall Man
9. Toy Soldier
10. Leaked
11. Monitor
12. The Body
13. Gastor Square
14. Fig Leaf
15. A Pilgrim of Justice
16. Safe House
17. The Mole
18. Believe Your Eyes
19. Confession
20. Alternative Fact
21. Correction

A Suitable Boy

A Suitable Boy
A Suitable Boy – Alex Heffes with Anoushka Shankar

Based on Vikram Seth’s 1300-page book following the fortunes of four large families, the six-part series is directed by Mira Nair (Monsoon Wedding) and adapted for screen by Andrew Davies (War and Peace, Pride and Prejudice). The series was created by an almost exclusively all Indian cast and crew and main roles featured Tanya Maniktala (Lata), Ishaan Khattar (Maan), Mahira Kakkar (Mrs Mehra), Danesh Razvi (Kabir), Namit Das (Haresh).

The score was composed by Alex Heffes with Anoushka Shankar, world renowned sitar player. Previously paired on Mira Nair’s 2016 Disney Film Queen Of Katwe, Alex knew how important the music score is to her. Says Alex of his work with Mira “music flows throughout Vikram Seth’s book so we discussed very early on how to tie the original score into the very authentic music world of India that had been captured on screen and how to create a musical language for the score that weaves between the world of Classical Indian music and the world of film music… careful consideration was given to how to integrate orchestra into the Indian musical world, often having to learn to follow the phrasing and bending of the sitar.”

In search of character’s music themes, Alex arranged experimental sessions with some of the UK’s best classical Indian performers, combining tabla, mridangam, kanjeera, ghatam and many other percussion instruments with bansuri (Classical Indian flute), tanbura and the sitar. Early on, the decision was made that the sitar would be Lata’s ‘voice’. For Kabir they used the bansuri, played by acclaimed indian performer Ashwin Srinivasan and for the character of Amit, the solo violinist Philippe Honoré provided the musical voice. For suitor number three, Haresh, a variety of pitched Indian classical percussion such as clay pots, mangeera (hand cymbals), ghungroos and morsing (jaw harp) was employed, played by percussionist Sanket Naik.

Says Mira Nair “The three of us (Mira, Anoushka and Alex) approached several Indian artistes. Ashwin Srinivasan, the great flutist, plays throughout the soundtrack. Namit Das, who also acts as Haresh Khanna in A Suitable Boy, is an extraordinary singer who composed the boatman’s song as the lovers crossed the Ganges. Gagan Dev Riar, who also acts in A Suitable Boy, made a beautiful song of longing for the widow in the village scenes.

We were lucky to get the great maestro, Ustad Shujaat Husain Khan, the son of the legendary Ustad Vilayat Khan, to perform ‘Jhinjhoti’ and ‘Khamaj’ on screen in two concerts. The syncretic nature between traditional Indian sound and the Islamic influences that had arrived through Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan, which was then called India; all of this confluence can be experienced in the music of A Suitable Boy.”

Vol 1
01. Prologue
02. Lata’s Theme
03. Your Sister, My Brother
04. You Too Will Marry A Boy I Choose
05. Lutf Woh Ishq Mein – Composed & Sung by Kavita Seth
06. Mehfil Barkhaast Hui – Composed & Sung by Kavita Seth
07. Smitten Kitten (Meenakshi’s Theme)
08. Holi
09. Quegdevelim Sunset – Composed by Rhys D’Szousa / Performed by Bombay Brass
10. No Time, Lover, Or Friend
11. Raag Khamaaj – Composed & Performed by Shujaat Husain Khan
12. There Is No Harm In Dawn
13. The Floating Temple – Composed by Alex Heffes, Anoushka Shankar, Namit Das & Yamini Das
14. Pillow Talk
15. Let’s Go Away / I Never Want to See You Again
16. Na-rawa Kahiye – Composed & Sung by Kavita Seth
17. What Happened & Maan Delirium
18. Muddat Hui Hai – Composed & Sung by Kavita Seth
19. Kabir’s Letter
20. Unsuitable Tango
Vol 2
01. The Railway Theme
02. One Loves You
03. Your Parakeet Is Well?
04. Are You Making Fun of Me?
05. Farewell to Rasheed
06. Are You A Lipstick Girl?
07. Are We French Now?
08. Dil-e-Nadaan – Composed & Sung by Kavita Seth
09. Make Lata Love Me
10. I Can Make Any Shoe
11. Think Beyond Your Friends
12. Fluke of A Catch
13. Christmas In Prahapore
14. Free India’s First Election
15. Raag Jhinjhoti – Composed & Performed by Shujaat Husain Khan
16. Raag Lalit
17. Maan In Turmoil
18. Loss
19. The Fever Bird
20. Maan In Prison
21. An Unfortunate Accident
22. Love Has Run Its Course (Mehfil Barkhaast Hui Duet) – Composed by Kavita Seth / Sung by Kavita Seth & Sharvari Deshpande
23. A Suitable Boy
24. Lata Chooses Her Suitable Boy
25. Monkey Wisdom

Rawhead Rex

Rawhead Rex
Rawhead Rex – Music by Colin Towns

The long-awaited score album for the 1986 horror movie Rawhead Rex is released on Silva Screen Records on 30th October in digital, CD and vinyl formats. The 15-track album is penned by composer Colin Towns, known for The Puppet Masters, Space Truckers, Maybe Baby, Foyle’s War, Doc Martin, Pie In The Sky.

Rawhead Rex is a nuanced and lush horror score from a hugely talented composer at his best. The sound of the score grows and withers; from pastoral melodies to screaming brass and orchestral cacophony, back to clear harmony and fragile lines, bringing anticipation and dread to all the right points in the story. The music afterthought, There is a Green Hill Far Away, dissolves the mass of sound into the creepy and fragile, hymn-like vocal track.

This enjoyable creature-feature is based on a short horror story by Clive Barker (Hellraiser) and directed by George Pavlou. Released in 1986, the story of Rawhead Rex is set in 1980’s rural Ireland. The Demon, alive for millennia and trapped in the depths of hell, is unleashed on the sleepy local farming community. Remembered faintly through pre-Christian myth, the only one that can stop Rawhead’s bloody rampage is the historian, desperately racing against the time.

Composer Colin Towns is not only one of Europe’s most prolific film, television and theatre composers, but also a pianist, songwriter, arranger, producer and collaborator. His name has graced the credits of many prestigious and popular features.

“The first film I scored was Full Circle which starred Mia Farrow and is still in the BFI top ten for best score for horror films. I felt that film was more of a dark scary mystery. Rawhead Rex on the other hand was clearly a horror film 100%. I visited the film set in Ireland during the filming to take in the atmosphere and meet the actors after which I decided to record the music at CTS in London with a sixty piece orchestra plus electronics. I have always orchestrated my own work and had a wild time with Rawhead which is what I really love doing”. – Colin Towns

1. Rawhead Rex Main Theme
2. Welcome to Ireland
3. Rawhead Appears
4. Nicholson’s Farm
5. “Just you wait”
6. Boy Runs For His Life Through The Wood
7. Minty – “gotta pee”
8. The Vicarage
9. The Family is Leaving
10. Gussing Opens Book
11. Howard Discovers a Strange Glass Window in the Church
12. Declan Goes Wild in the Church
13. Howard Discovers the Power of the Stone
14. Rawhead Rex End Credits
15. There is a Green Hill Far Away

The Definitive Musicals & Movie Songs Collection

The Definitive Musicals and Movie Songs Collection
The Definitive Musicals & Movie Songs Collection

1 Into the Unknown (From “Frozen II”) 3:16
2 Maybe It’s Time (From “A Star is Born”) 3:01
3 Shallow (From “A Star is Born”) 3:43
4 This Is Me (From “The Greatest Showman”) 3:53
5 How Far I’ll Go (From “Moana”) 2:42
6 City of Stars (From “La La Land”) 4:16
7 I Put a Spell on You (From “Fifty Shades of Grey”) 2:38
8 Beautiful (From “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical”) 2:39
9 Let It Go (From “Frozen”) 3:39
10 Let Me Be Your Star (From “Smash”) 3:21
11 Sparklejollytwinklejingley (From “Elf the Musical”) 3:58
12 I See The Light (From “Tangled”) 3:44
13 Love Never Dies (From “Love Never Dies”) 6:33
14 Til I Hear You Sing (From “Love Never Dies”) 3:08
15 Almost There (From “The Princess and the Frog”) 2:25
16 Don’t Stop Believin’ (From “Glee”) 3:52
17 Falling Slowly (From “Once”) 3:55
18 We’re All in This Together (From “High School Musical”) 3:58
19 Sherry (From “Jersey Boys”) 2:07
20 Astonishing (From “Little Women”) 3:39
21 Defying Gravity (From “Wicked”) 5:50
22 You Can’t Stop the Beat (From “Hairspray”) 4:13
23 Reflection (From “Mulan”) 3:37
24 Go the Distance (From “Hercules”) 3:16
25 Cross the Line (From “Big: The Musical”) 4:59
26 Colors of the Wind (From “Pocahontas”) 3:33
27 You’ve Got a Friend in Me (From “Toy Story”) 2:05
28 A Whole New World (From “Aladdin”) 2:41
29 Tale as Old as Time (From “Beauty and the Beast”) 2:45
30 With One Look (From “Sunset Boulevard”) 3:44
31 As If We Never Said Goodbye (From “Sunset Boulevard”) 5:13
32 Sunset Boulevard (From “Sunset Boulevard”) 3:03
33 A New Life (From “Jekyll & Hyde”) 4:40
34 The Last Night of the World (From “Miss Saigon”) 4:26
35 Part of Your World (From “The Little Mermaid”) 3:10
36 Under the Sea (From “The Little Mermaid”) 3:13
37 Seeing Is Believing (From “Aspects of Love”) 4:19
38 Love Changes Everything (From “Aspects of Love”) 3:03
39 I’ve Had the Time of My Life (From “Dirty Dancing”) 5:21
40 Take My Breath Away (From “Top Gun”) 4:47
41 I Know Him so Well (From “Chess”) 4:00
42 All I Ask of You (From “Phantom of the Opera”) 4:20
43 Music of the Night (From “Phantom of the Opera”) 5:32
44 Phantom of the Opera (From “Phantom of the Opera”) 3:31
45 Little Shop of Horrors (From “Little Shop of Horrors”) 3:32
46 I Dreamed a Dream (From “Les Miserables”) 4:23
47 Bring Him Home (From “Les Miserables”) 2:57
48 Footloose (From “Footloose”) 3:45
49 Starlight Express (From “Starlight Express”) 3:13
50 I Am What I Am (From “La Cage Aux Folles”) 2:58
51 Memory (From “Cats”) 4:02
52 Macavity: The Mystery Cat (From “Cats”) 5:06
53 Fame! (From “Fame!”) 3:47
54 Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (From “The Blues Brothers”) 3:22
55 Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (From “Monty Python’s Life of Brian”) 4:00
56 Not While I’m Around (From “Sweeney Todd”) 3:03
57 You’re the One That I Want (From “Grease”) 2:43
58 Summer Nights (From “Grease”) 3:42
59 Home (From “The Wiz”) 3:34
60 Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (From “Evita”) 5:19
61 High Flying Adored (From “Evita”) 3:21
62 Another Suitcase in Another Hall (From “Evita”) 3:03
63 Tell Me on a Sunday (From “Tell Me on a Sunday”) 3:35
64 It’s a Hard Knock Life (From “Annie”) 2:16
65 Tomorrow (From “Annie”) 2:58
66 All That Jazz (From “Chicago”) 3:18
67 What I Did for Love (From “A Chorus Line”) 4:23
68 Send in the Clowns (From “a Little Night Music”) 4:24
69 Pure Imagination (From “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory”) 5:21
70 Superstar (From “Jesus Christ Superstar”) 3:59
71 I Don’t Know How to Love Him (From “Jesus Christ Superstar”) 3:33
72 Everything’s Alright (From “Jesus Christ Superstar”) 4:08
73 Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat (From “The Aristocats”) 4:43
74 Close Every Door (From “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”) 3:44
75 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (From “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”) 2:01
76 I Wanna Be Like You (From “The Jungle Book”) 4:47
77 The Bare Necessities (From “The Jungle Book”) 4:54
78 Aquarius 3:47
79 Hair 3:20
80 The Flesh Failures / Let the Sunshine In (From “Hair”) 4:28
81 You’re a Mean One Mr Grinch (From “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”) 2:59
82 Big Spender (From “Sweet Charity”) 1:46
83 Cabaret (From “Cabaret”) 3:59
84 The Impossible Dream (From “Man of La Mancha”) 3:13
85 If I Ruled the World (From “Pickwick”) 2:08
86 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (From “Mary Poppins”) 2:05
87 A Spoonful of Sugar (From “Mary Poppins”) 4:18
88 Don’t Rain on My Parade (From “Funny Girl”) 2:45
89 People (From “Funny Girl”) 3:12
90 If I Were a Rich Man (From “Fiddler on the Roof”) 5:11
91 Moon River (From “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”) 1:38
92 Food, Glorious Food (From “Oliver!”) 4:55
93 Consider Yourself (From “Oliver!”) 3:49
94 As Long as He Needs Me (From “Oliver!”) 3:50
95 Try to Remember (From “The Fantasticks”) 4:05
96 If Ever I Would Leave You (From “Camelot”) 4:55
97 So Long, Farewell (From “The Sound of Music”) 3:04
98 Edelweiss (From “The Sound of Music”) 2:38
99 My Favourite Things (From “The Sound of Music”) 2:04
100 Climb Ev’ry Mountain (From “The Sound of Music”) 2:52
101 The Sound of Music (From “The Sound of Music”) 2:45
102 Gigi (From “Gigi”) 6:11
103 Somewhere (From “West Side Story”) 3:29
104 Tonight (From “West Side Story”) 4:20
105 Maria (From “West Side Story”) 2:54
106 America (From “West Side Story”) 4:58
107 True Love (From “High Society”) 2:10
108 On the Street Where You Live (From “My Fair Lady”) 3:11
109 I Could Have Danced All Night (From “My Fair Lady”) 4:00
110 Bless Your Beautiful Hide (From “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”) 2:14
111 Stranger in Paradise (From “Kismet”) 4:45
112 And This Is My Beloved (From “Kismet”) 3:37
113 Singin’ in the Rain (From “Singin’ in the Rain”) 4:21
114 Getting to Know You (From “The King and I”) 3:08
115 Shall We Dance (From “The King and I”) 2:44
116 Wandrin’ Star (From “Paint Your Wagon”) 4:28
117 Luck Be a Lady (From “Guys and Dolls”) 3:00
118 Younger Than Springtime (From “South Pacific”) 3:30
119 Some Enchanted Evening (From “South Pacific”) 3:19
120 Where Is the Life That Late I Led? (From “Kiss Me Kate”) 4:35
121 Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (From “Song of the South”) 2:26
122 There’s No Business Like Show Business (From “Annie Get Your Gun”) 3:58
123 The Girl That I Marry (From “Annie Get Your Gun”) 1:18
124 Anything You Can Do (From “Annie Get Your Gun”) 3:21
125 You’ll Never Walk Alone (From “Carousel”) 3:40
126 Soliloquy (From “Carousel”) 7:36
127 If I Loved You (From “Carousel”) 4:15
128 Oklahoma! (From “Oklahoma!”) 3:05
129 The Surrey with the Fringe on Top (From “Oklahoma!”) 4:31
130 Oh What a Beautiful Morning (From “Oklahoma!”) 2:52
131 Dat’s Love (From “Carmen Jones”) 3:37
132 Over the Rainbow (From “The Wizard of Oz”) 3:50
133 We’re off to See the Wizard (From “The Wizard of Oz”) 1:53
134 Summertime (From “Porgy and Bess”) 2:57
135 Anything Goes (From “Anything Goes”) 2:59
136 Ol’ Man River (From “Show Boat”) 3:08
137 Make Believe (From “Show Boat”)

Silva Screen Originals Vol. 6

Silva Screen Originals Vol. 6
Silva Screen Originals Vol. 6 – A selection of original compositions by London Music Works.

01 Frequencies (1:43)
02 Time Lost (2:44)
03 Noir (3:16)
04 Foggy Mountains (3:20)
05 Save Me (3:24)
06 Regality (2:08)
07 Domestic Bliss (3:54)
08 Breathe (3:33)
09 Pitch-Black (4:39)
10 Isolation (2:19)
11 Standoff (3:21)
12 Blitz it (3:48)
13 Killing Cantaloupes (3:30)
14 Fighter (3:06)
15 Jolly Good Show, Chaps! (3:02)
16 The Sicilian (3:47)
17 Dragon Bells (3:17)
18 Preseli Sunset (3:40)

I Am Vengeance

I Am Vengeance

When ex-soldier turned mercenary, John Gold, learns of the murder of his best friend, he sets off on a mission to find out what happened. What he discovers is a sinister conspiracy and he sets about taking down those responsible one by one.

“…stellar score by Greenhaus. It throws it back to the days of old when Tangerine Dream and others filled our action films with some great synthesizer led music. It almost has a horror film feel to it in some parts similar to John Carpenter’s iconic themes which kind of makes Bennett’s Gold look like a vengeance seeking version of Michael Myers. To say that I loved that aspect of it would be a drastic understatement.” – actionflix.com

“The soundtrack is a high point in the production. When it rocks, the music is toe tapping good.” – itsjustmovies.com




What would the chemical reaction be if you melted down The Doors and Public Image and mixed in Brian Eno and Kraftwerk? You get Greenhaus.

Electronic rock band Greenhaus’ music rages with both synthetic – as well as organic – power, with nods to the sprawling oscillations of Tangerine Dream and the brooding soundtracks of John Carpenter but with a deeper more primal pulse that only a band can deliver.

The film is an action packed roller coaster ride, knowingly in the style of Cannon films of 80’s starring the likes of Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson.

The band immediately clicked with Director Ross Boyask and Producers John Adams and Diane Shorthouse on the direction the music could take to evoke both the past and push the genre forward.

“Greenhaus have created a bold, innovative, timeless score, blending pulsating, sometimes haunting synth sounds with acoustic instrumentation and ambient soundscapes that help drive I Am Vengeance and our anti-hero John Gold, along on his mission, and I can’t wait for you to hear (and see) the results.” – Director Ross Boyask

Greenhaus are Steve Bellamy, Anthony Neale, Warren Farr and Ian Medany



1. Second Chance
2. Vengeance
3. Lost Brother
4. Devotion
5. Saving Rose
6. Interrogation
7. One by One
8. Second Chance (reprise)
9. Laid to Rest
10. Hatcher versus Gold
11. The Stand Off (Part 4)
12. The Barn Assault
13. Fix
14. Silhouette

The Definitive Movie Themes Collection

The Definitive Movie Themes Collection
The Definitive Movie Themes Collection

1 Dark Fate (From “Terminator: Dark Fate”) 4:20
2 Come Back to Us (From”1917″) 5:45
3 Bathroom Dance (From “Joker”) 2:12
4 Captain Marvel (From “Captain Marvel”) 2:13
5 Motorball (From “Alita: Battle Angel”) 5:13
6 String Quartet in G Minor (From “Knives Out”) 1:47
7 What I Love About Charlie (From “Marriage Story”) 3:54
8 Kingdom of Atlantis (From “Aquaman”) 3:28
9 Supermarine (From “Dunkirk”) 8:10
10 Life Must Have It’s Mysteries (From “Inferno”) 3:57
11 We Own This Sky (From “Chappie”) 4:21
12 Fate and Destiny (From “Brave”) 4:23
13 Snow White (From “Snow White and the Huntsman”) 3:36
14 Ted (End Titles) [From “Ted”] 5:07
15 I Drive (From “Drive”) 2:02
16 Sky Fight / End Credits (From “Immortals”) 2:17
17 Super 8 Suite (From “Super 8”) 6:10
18 Alice’s Theme (From “Alice In Wonderland”) 5:05
19 I Want To Go Home (From “The Karate Kid”) 5:00
20 Main Theme (From “The Expendables”) 3:18
21 Clock Tick (From “A Single Man”) 1:54
22 End Credits (From “Changeling”) 6:57
23 Linda Looks for Love (From “Burn After Reading”) 2:53
24 Return of the Lion / Arrival at Aslan’s How (From “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”) 6:23
25 25 Dollars Worth (From “Michael Clayton”) 6:43
26 Caskets (From “American Gangster”) 2:37
27 Open Spaces (From “There Will Be Blood”) 3:56
28 H.R.H. (From “The Queen”) 3:54
29 The People’s Princess (From “The Queen”) 4:11
30 Prologue (From “Birth”) 4:08
31 Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind 2:16
32 Lujon (From “The Big Lebowski”) 2:42
33 Broken Arrow – Theme (From “Broken Arrow”) 3:50
34 Dragon’s Heartbeat (From “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story”) 5:09
35 Somewhere In My Memory [Instrumental] (From “Home Alone”) 3:24
36 Once Upon a Time…Storybook Love (From “Princess Bride”) 4:03
37 Through The Window (From “Cocoon”) 3:02
38 El Bimbo (From “Police Academy”) aka The Blue Oyster Club Theme 1:50
39 Paris, Texas (From “Paris, Texas”) 2:52
40 The Whammer Strikes Out (From “The Natural”) 1:58
41 The Chase (From “Midnight Express”) 6:29
42 Gonna Fly Now (From “Rocky”) 2:47
43 Enter The Dragon (Main Theme) [From “Enter The Dragon”] 2:25
44 South American Getaway (From “Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid”) 5:21
45 Getta Bloomin’ Move On (From “The Italian Job”) 3:22
46 It’s Caper Time (From “The Italian Job”) 3:17
47 Bullitt Main Title Theme (From “Bullitt”) 2:10
48 Baby Elephant Walk (From “Hatari”) 2:40
49 Dance of the Cuckoos (From “Laurel and Hardy”) 3:02

The Symphonic Sound of Motown

The Symphonic Sound Of Motown

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra perform the Classic Hits of Motown

“This is one of the most exquisite albums I’ve listened to in years” – Lamont Dozier

One of the world’s greatest music ensembles, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, together with a 50 piece choir go on a unique journey to bring a totally new approach to some of the greatest pop music ever written.

Prime Motown hits are given exhilarating new arrangements that deliver powerful, almost cinematic versions of these essential songs, all with a subtle twist.

I Hear A Symphony acts as an overture on an unique journey through hits that include I Heard It Through The Grapevine, Three Times A Lady and What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted.

This classic cocktail of symphonic melodies is shaken, stirred and poured liberally over 14 songs that re-imagine the music that defined a generation and continues to do so.

The album was recorded at Britain’s legendary recording studio, Abbey Road, home of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush and many more.

1. I Hear A Symphony (Overture)
2. Dancing In The Street
3. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
4. Get Ready
5. My Girl
6. Three Times A Lady
7. Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone
8. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
9. For Once In My Life
10. Touch Me In The Morning
11. What’s Going On
12. What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted
13. Someday We’ll Be Together
14. I Hear A Symphony (Finale)

The Greatest Themes From The Spaghetti Westerns

The Greatest Themes From The Spaghetti Westerns

From the films of legendary directors like Quentin Tarantino and Sergio Leone… the timeless soundtracks of Ennio Morricone, Luis Bacalov and Riz Ortolani depict the iconic landscape of music, sounds and themes that defined an era.

Having left an undeniable mark on popular culture, the dramatic portrayals of America’s colourful past remain a cinematic staple, with the music so embedded in the genre that even a simple twang conjures the image of tumbleweeds rolling across the dry plains of the Wild Wild West. The album features music from A Fist Full of Dollars, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Once Upon A Time in the West, For a Few Dollars More, Django Unchained.

The Greatest Themes From The Spaghetti Westerns is performed by London Music Works, Silva Screen’s own ensemble in residence for the past 12 years. Recording more than 30 albums for Silva Screen Records, London Music Works has excelled in inspired re-creations of iconic film and TV scores as well as in recording series of newly composed music (Re:Scored, The Nativity & the Silva Screen Originals series).

The press comments on London Music Works previous recordings: “London Music Works does a really incredible job of capturing the essence of what the music is… all really well put together and often sounds stunning.” – The Flickcast

“They completely blow the brains out and invite you to enter the world of lush strings and the exuberant mix of guitars and electronic percussion sounds.” – ScoreTrack.net

“What London Music Works has done with The Nativity is nothing short of breathtaking” – Review Graveyard.

“This (Music From How To Train Your Dragon) compilation has been thoroughly researched by someone at Silva Screen Records who not only loves Powell’s music, but also has an incredible ear for structuring a compilation album. This flows incredibly well, with one track seamlessly following from the next as though they were originally designed to work this way.” – Sci-Fi Online 10/10


– Volume One –
01. EL GRINGO – Alessandro Alessandroni

02. DJANGO From DJANGO – Luis Bacalov


04. MAIN THEME From DEATH RIDES A HORSE – Ennio Morricone

05. L’ARENA From THE MERCENARY – Ennio Morricone

06. A SILHOUETTE OF DOOM From NAVAJO JOE – Ennio Morricone

07. MAIN TITLE From NAVAJO JOE – Ennio Morricone

08. PARTE PRIMA From THE GRAND DUEL – Luis Bacalov

09. MAIN TITLES From THEY CALL ME TRINITY – Franco Micalizzi

10. DAY OF ANGER From DAY OF ANGER – Riz Ortolani


12. OPENING CREDITS From RUN MAN RUN – Ennio Morricone

– Volume Two –


02. MAIN THEME From A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS – Ennio Morricone


04. MAIN THEME From FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE – Ennio Morricone





09. TRIO From THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY – Ennio Morricone

10. MAIN TITLE From MY NAME IS NOBODY – Ennio Morricone

11. MY FAULT? From MY NAME IS NOBODY – Ennio Morricone

12. MAIN THEME From DUCK, YOU SUCKER! – Ennio Morricone

13. DOPO L’ESPLOSIONE From DUCK, YOU SUCKER! – Ennio Morricone