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100 Greatest World Cinema Themes

The latest addition to the 100 Greatest series is a journey across 86 years of the very best music from world cinema

Spanning the modern day horror of Let The Right One In to the silent era of terror from the still chilling Nosferatu, this is a compendium of wonderful cinematic music

Features the work of some of the greatest international film composers of the 20th century including Nino Rota, Michel Legrand, Francis Lai, Ennio Morricone and many more

Highlights include music from all three Clint Eastwood/Sergio Leone films, a selection of original Godzilla themes and James Bernard new score for the 1922 Nosferatu

cd1 2008-1991:
01/ let the right one in 02/ pan’s labyrinth 03/ a very long engagement 04/ 05/ the chorus 06/ 07/ amélie 08/ crouching tiger, hidden dragon 09/ life is beautiful 10/ eat drink man woman 11/ the postman 12/ queen margot 13/ farewell my concubine 14/ the piano 15/ atlantis 16/ once upon a time in china 17/ the double life of veronique

cd2 1990-1984:
01/ cyrano de bergerac 02/ la femme nikita 03/ red dust 04/ swordsman 05/ the hairdresser’s husband 06/ a city of sadness 07/ camille claudel 08/ cinema paradiso 09/ the big blue 10/ a chinese ghost story 11/ the last emperor 12/ betty blue 13/ jean de florette 14/ mad max: beyond thunderdome 15/ subway 16/ fort saganne

cd3 1982-1974:
01/ the year of living dangerously 02/ das boot 03/ 04/ diva 05/ gallipoli 06/ the professional 07/ mad max 1 & 2 08/ tess 09/ the tin drum 10/ orchestra rehearsal 11/ bilitis 12/ providence 13/ suspiria 14/ 1900 15/ fellini’s casanova 16/ emmanuelle

cd4 1973-1968:
01/ amarcord 02/ day for night 03/ my name is nobody 04/ fellini’s roma 05/ last tango in paris 06/ state of siege 07/ a fistful of dynamite 08/ death in venice 09/ red sun 10/ fellini satyricon 11/ the five man army 12/ the red tent 13/ the sicilian clan 14/ z 15/ destroy all monsters 16/ guns for san sebastian 17/ spirits of the dead

cd5 1968-1964:
01/ 02 once upon a time in the west 03/ 04/ romeo and juliet 05/ the young girls of rochefort 06/ play time 07/ django 08/ 09/ a man and a woman 10/ 11/ the good, the bad and the ugly 12/ for a few dollars more 13/ juliet of the spirits 14/ a fistful of dollars 15/ ghidorah, the three headed monster 16/ the umbrellas of cherbourg 17/ zorba the greek

cd6 1963-1922:
01/ 8 ½ 02/ boccaccio ‘’70 03/ jules and jim 04/ phaedra 05/ la dolce vita 06/ never on sunday 07/ black orpheus 08/ honeymoon 09/ mon oncle 10/ nights of cabiria 11/ il bidone 12/ la strada 13/ godzilla 14/ i vitelloni 15/ the white sheik 16/ alexander nevsky 17/ nosferatu

Sufis At The Cinema

Beginning with a classic from the 50s and progressing right through to the new millennium, the recordings – some blockbuster hits, others more rare – tell the true story of Sufi music in India and its influence on the more folklorish Qawwali, a music consumed on a daily basis, side-by-side with all other forms of popular Bollywood music. Sufi-influenced music has been present in Indian cinema pretty much since the first films were released. The relationship of Sufi music to the more popular Qawwali is almost similar to that of traditional Gospel music to traditional R&B music as pioneered by Ray Charles. The performances are not always ‘pure’ in the lyrical sense, but neither are they devoid of ‘soul’. Whether following the popular conventions of the time, or striking out on their own, some of Bollywood’s most impassioned and heartfelt performances are caught in these tracks.

Boolywood Remembers Laxmikant Pyarelal – TSQCD9070

From an adolescence spent hustling gigs with their mandolin and violin, to maturity as one of Bollywood’s most successful composers, the story of Laxmikant Pyarelal seems a rags-to-riches fable.

Perhaps this was true for Laxmikant, but Pyarelal came from an established musical family and both got their first break when spotted by Lata Mangeshkar. Attending her home-based music academy, they met and formed a friendship that would last a lifetime.

Whether writing seperately or together, they always credited themselves as a duo, and it’s under the Laxmikant Pyarelal name that some of Bollywood’s best-loved soundtracks are remembered. Covering all styles and winning many awards they left an indelible mark on some of the most productive years for India’s massive film and music industry. From the 1960s through to the 90s, including rare tracks and classic hits, these 2 CDs tell their story.

Ravi Shankar – Rare and Glorious – TSQCD9069

More than any other musician from the subcontinent Ravi Shankar catalysed and crystallised so much when it came to fostering appreciation and understanding of Hindustani or Northern Indian classical or art music. For many of his countrymen and women and foreign audiences alike, India’s best-known musician provided their first taste of this inspired and inspiring music. Remaining true to his guru’s teachings and guidance, the sitarist plucked out and delivered innovation within tradition, continuity within change, change within continuity.

On these 2 CD’s we present some of his classic recordings: some have never been officially released on CD before. With an introductory essay that helps locate his position in the pantheon, and brief track notes taken from the original vinyl albums, these recordings – both solo and accompanied – are a perfect introduction to the man and his music, and essential listening for both newcomer and connoisseur alike.