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Starring Asian superstar Maggie Cheung (Hero, In The Mood For Love) winner of Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival 2004 for this acclaimed drama directed by Olivier Assayas’. The evocative soundtrack is highlighted by its use of the pioneering ambient sounds of Brian Eno to create the backdrop to a tragic tale alongside Tricky, Metric and The Notwist. Cheung is a legendary figure in the Far East and her singing debut has sparked major interest on this release. Her four songs were written by David Roback (Mazzy Star) and Dean Wareham (Galaxie 500). Tricky and Liz Densmore (both appearing in the film) also feature with the brand new track Breakaway.1 AN ENDING (ascent) – Brian Eno
2 STRAWBERRY STAIN – Maggie Cheung
4 BREAKAWAY – Tricky/Liz Densmore
5 DOWN IN THE LIGHT – Maggie Cheung
6 DEAD DISCO – Metric
7 SPIDER AND I – Brian Eno
8 NEON GOLDEN – The NoTwist
9 WAIT FOR ME – Maggie Cheung
10 KNIVES FROM BAVARIA – Britta Phillips/Dean Wareham
11 SHE CAN’T TELL YOU – Maggie Cheung
12 DEAD DISCO – Metric