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Epic Themes II

Music by London Music Works

1. Is She with You? (From “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”)

2. Hero’s Theme (From “Justice League”)

3. My Name is Lincoln (From “The Island”)

4. Main Theme (From “Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty”)

5. Outlands (From “Tron: Legacy”)

6. It’s Our Fight (From “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”)

7. Breaking Through

8. Mombasa (From “Inception”)

9. Warcraft (From “Warcraft”)

10. Iron Man 3 (From “Iron Man 3”)

11. Striding Forward

12. Waking up (From “Oblivion”)

13. Gravity (From “Gravity”)

14. This Earth

15. Theme (From “Battlefield 1942”)

16. Light of the Seven (From “Game of Thrones”)
The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra