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Fear Is The Key

Released in 1973, Fear Is The Key followed a long line of film adaptations of best-selling author Alistair Maclean’s thriller novels of the calibre of The Guns Of Navarone and Where Eagles Dare.
The soundtrack highlights Roy Budd’s enormous composing talent at its very best, overseeing a line-up of the cream of British musicians. They include Ronnie Scott, Tubby Hayes, Kenny Baker, Chris Karan and Jeff Clyne.
Much of this jazzy orchestral score was recorded live to picture and the sheer exuberance of the playing bursts out of every track.
The tour-de-force is the stunning ten minute Car Chase complete with the sound of police sirens, screeching tyres and a blistering sax courtesy of Ronnie Scott. The third release in Silva Screen’s reissue series of the Roy Budd catalogue, all newly digitally re-mastered.