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Set to be released on Memorial Day, The History Channel will air the highly anticipated three part mini-series documenting the well-known, century old feud between rival families the ‘Hatfields’ & the ‘McCoy’s’.

The mini-series will not only star Kevin Costner but the soundtrack will also feature the Kevin Costner & Modern West Single ‘I Know These Hills’.

The music is composed by John Debney and Tony Morales.

John Debney had invited his friend and fellow composer Tony Morales to join him in what he called the, “incredible journey/to create a score that is modern yet grounded in rich melodies”

Both Debney and Morales hoped that the listener could sit back and enjoy what would be an emotion conjuring musical journey which would then give an insight into the feelings of the real-life characters.

“Early creative discussions hinged on creating a memorable score that honored the time and region while maintaining a contemporary sound. The use of Appalachian instruments was a natural choice, but it took some experimenting to come up with the right balance of traditional and contemporary elements.” – John Debney