Over 30 Years of Outstanding Film & Television Music + Much More!

American high schools, colleges and universities have a common linking factor – their bands. They enliven events across the country from football games to graduation ceremonies with varied programmes that includes everything from traditional Sousa marches and film themes to rock classics and pop.

The history of The Blues And Royals reaches back close to 350 years. This most prestigious of British military bands epitomises everything great about Britain and they are worldwide ambassadors with concerts across the globe. Their multi-state, coast to coast tours of the United States have been warmly received and this release is a salute to the generosity and kindness shown.

The band provide their unique take on a variety of musical genres from Cream and Led Zeppelin through to the music of today including Christina Aguilera and James Blunt, all neatly topped off by a selection of traditional marches and their salute to Disney’s High School Musical.