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Composed in 1791, The Requiem Mass in D minor (K. 626) was Mozart’s last composition and is one of his most powerful and recognized works. Over the past two centuries, the circumstances surrounding the creation of Mozart’s Requiem have entered popular mythology and have given rise to romantic exaggerations and wild speculation.In 1984, Saul Zaentz, Peter Shaffer and Milos Forman collaborated on Amadeus, the Oscar winning film based on Alexander Pushkin’s play Mozart and Salieri. Singularly responsible for reinforcing popular myths surrounding Mozart’s Requiem, the film heavily relies on music from the Requiem. The score has since embedded itself in popular psyche, the original soundtrack proving one of the most popular recordings of classical music ever, with music from the Requiem being used since in many films – X-Men 2, The Big Lebowski, Intolerable Cruelty, Elizabeth, Eyes Wide Shut, Primal Fear, Revolver, Highlander II: The Quickening amongst many others.This new production was recorded in Prague, the city of Mozart’s greatest commercial success Don Giovanni. Performed by Mozart and Baroque music specialists The Praga Sinfonietta and the Vox Pragae Choir under the expert direction of Miriam Nemcova, the sound achieved is seductive, warm and lush, but with dark and edgy undertones, perfectly ‘in tune’ with music, myth, and Mozart himself.