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One Day

One Day
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Music by Anne Nikitin, Jessica Jones & Tim Morrish


One Day – The soundtrack to the 14 part Neflix series.

The upcoming Netflix limited series tells the decades-spanning love story of protagonists Dex and Em as they reunite on the same day every year. The novel was adapted into the 2011 feature film starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, and is now being reimagined as a 14-episode British series.

With an original score by composers Anne Nikitin, Jessica Jones & Tim Morrish.



1. What Are Days For?
2. Dex and Em
3. Talk About Something
4. Had Enough
5. Emma T Wilde
6. Turnaround
7. Just a Friend
8. Bathroom
9. Up Arthur’s Seat
10. Lost
11. Big Dreams
12. Tell Me What You Think
13. Emma Takes a Bow
14. Going On
15. Famous
16. I’m Engaged
17. Let Me Show You
18. Mr Godalming
19. Dex Coming Apart
20. Primrose Hill
21. Keep Me Warm
22. Sit for a Bit
23. You Look Nice
24. It’s Only Me
25. Ghosts
26. As If She Was Still Here
27. Last Look (One Day Version)
28. My Dove, To Sleep (One Day Version)
29. Earthing (One Day Version)
30. In Cold Light (One Day Version)