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Sherlock Series 1

The intelligent, funny and thrilling soundtrack to the fast-paced contemporary hit remake of the Arthur Conan Doyle classic arrives in March.

Composed by David Arnold (Die Another Day, Casino Royale, Hot Fuzz, Paul, Little Britain) and Michael Price (The Inbetweeners Movie, Hot Fuzz, Paul) the soundtrack encompasses a small orchestra, samples and soloists. This highly acclaimed score has received BAFTA and Emmy nominations and won an RTS Television Award. The follow-up soundtrack to the second series of Sherlock, currently aired on the BBC, is scheduled to be released at end of February 2012.

“If David Arnold and Michael Price did not exist, it would be necessary for man to invent them. Their contribution to Sherlock is immeasurable. Thrilling, cheeky, sinister, playful and simply world-class…the music’s not bad either.” – Mark Gatiss (Sherlock and League of Gentlemen creator)

The BBC One season of three Sherlock Holmes films was the summer hit of 2010 with over 7.5m viewers watching the first episode. This contemporary adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic novel was created by Steven Moffat (Doctor Who, Coupling) and Mark Gatiss (The League of Gentlemen, Doctor Who) and the series stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, Martin Freeman as Doctor Watson and Rupert Graves as Inspector Lestrade.