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The Eagle

Composer Atli Örvarsson’s epic and exciting Celtic-flavored score to Kevin Macdonald’s Roman epic adventure

Based on Rosemary Sutcliff’s classic novel The Eagle of the Ninth, the story is set in 2nd-Century Britain and follows two men on their dangerous and obsessive quest to solve the unexplained disappearance of the entire Ninth Legion in Scotland. Starring Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell and Donald Sutherland.

Atli Örvarsson is rapidly joining the ranks of Hollywood’s most dynamic young film composers. His recent film scores include Season of the Witch, The Code, Vantage Point and Babylon A.D.

In 2006, Örvarsson joined Hans Zimmer’s state-of-the-art musical “think tank” Remote Control Productions where he collaborated with Zimmer on several scores, including Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Angels & Demons, The Simpsons Movie, and The Holiday.

As winner of the renowned Pete Carpenter Fellowship for young composers, Atli moved to Los Angeles in 1998 to join Mr. Post’s team as composer and orchestrator on all three Law and Order series and NYPD Blue.

Atli Örvarsson talks about his work with director Kevin Macdonald:
“Handmade and authentic. These became the key words in my conversations with director Kevin Macdonald as we started working on the music for The Eagle. With a background in documentary film making, he had a deep desire for the music to feel “real and true” to the period and geography of the film. Which leads to the question, where does one start writing music that is real and true to a film about a Roman soldier and his slave who venture into Scotland in the year 140 AD?! I must admit, it seemed like a daunting task at first but in Kevin I had the perfect collaborator who constantly encouraged me to seek out the unknown and challenged my “musical comfort zone.” From recording ramʼs horns, carnyx and stone whistles in an Edinburgh church, to finding the deeply talented Neff brothers on Myspace, to discovering the hauntingly beautiful Persian Kamancheh, no stone was left unturned looking for instruments and musicians that could support this vision. In a digital world, it was a revelation to discover all these brilliant musicians who uphold ancient traditions with such skill and dedication. In the end I had the privilege to weave all these elements, along with my themes and an orchestra, into the tapestry that is this score. I hope youʼll enjoy!”