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Music by Sarah Warne


Sarah Warne’s soundtrack to BBC One hard hitting prison drama Time. The soundtrack was written for a small ensemble featuring Laetitia Stott (Horns), Ed Ashby (Tuba), Eleanor Bartlett (Violin), Laurie Anderson (Viola), Peter Gregson (Cello) and Sarah Warne (Bowed harp and vocals).

Time is a three-part series written by Jimmy McGovern (Hillsborough, Broken and Accused), directed by Lewis Arnold (Des, Dark Money, The Forge) and starring Line of Duty’s Stephen Graham and Games of Thrones’ Sean Bean.

Composer Sarah Warne talks about the compositional process: “The music for Time explores the slow and painful road to redemption, the harrowing isolation of incarceration, and Mark and Eric’s united torment as they both strive to do what is right. Visceral yet sensitive performances from the score’s core ensemble, combined with off-kilter prepared piano and detuned ethereal textures, are designed to dig deep into the powerful questions at the centre of the drama.”

The series offers a realistic depiction of prison life. Sean Bean plays Mark Cobden, an ex-headteacher jailed for drink-driving and consumed by guilt over his actions who soon realises that he needs to learn how to survive in prison. Stephen Graham plays Eric McNally, a prison officer who becomes increasingly desperate to protect his son and arrives at a crossroads that forces him to choose between his principles and his love for his family.

Writer Jimmy McGovern comments: “The BBC have given me a brilliant young director and two of the greatest actors on the planet. I am overjoyed.”

Composer Sarah Warne is best known for her work on critically acclaimed television drama series, Humans (C4), and her most recent score for Des (ITV primetime). Her work also includes Dark Money (BBC1), Catching a Killer (C4), Girls On The Edge (BBC2), and Treasures of Ancient Greece (BBC4).

Sarah recently scored Trump’s Breadline Kids (C4) which observes several families in Ohio during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic and is narrated by Sheridan Smith. She is currently scoring 4-part television drama series The Drowning starring Jill Halfpenny, Jonas Armstrong and Rupert Penry-Jones.


1. Look Into The Camera
2. 22 Years Married
3. Roadside
4. Your Lad’s In Prison
5. Scalded
6. Remembering A Good Life
7. Do You Still See Him?
8. Not Breathing
9. Do You Feel Safe?
10. Repercussion
11. Do What They Want
12. Lost Everything
13. Spice
14. Come With Me
15. Lighter
16. Do We Just Leave?
17. Time
18. I Can’t Forgive Myself
19. Let Me In
20. Father
21. Cell Spin
22. Please
23. Try
24. Atone
25. I Still See Him
26. Firm But Fair
27. Thank You