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Two Doors – Michael Shrieve

Michael Shrieve joined Santana at the age of 17 and his performance with them of Soul Sacrifice at Woodstock in 1969 remains a seminal moment in both rock and screen history. His recording credits are vast, ranging from George Harrison, The Rolling Stones and Steve Winwood to Klaus Schulze and John McLaughlin. His most recent success is writing and producing the track Aye Aye Aye for Carlos Santana’s multi-million selling album Shaman. “I owe Michael a lot. He’s the one who turned me onto John Coltrane and Miles Davis. I just wanted to play blues until Michael came. He opened my eyes and my ears and my heart to a lot of things. Some drummers only have chops but Michael Shrieve has vision. Michael is like a box of crayons; he has all the colours “.
Carlos Santana