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You & Me

You & Me
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Music by Vince Pope


You & Me, Vince Pope’s poignant, uplifting, sad and ultimately life enhancing soundtrack to ITV’s romantic comedy drama starring Harry Lawtey, Jessica Barden and Sophia Brown. Produced by Russell T Davies (Doctor Who, It’s A Sin, Nolly), the series explores the meaning of finding love, losing love and trying to love once again.

The Guardian praises the series as a “sharp, original drama that slowly morphs from peppy romcom into something far more profound… a sentimental charmer with a plot that twists, turns and pivots”

Jamie Davis, screenwriter explains the process behind the story “I wrote the show at a time in my life when things were going really well for me. I catastrophised that and thought: what’s the worst thing that could happen? I thought it would be this, because then you’ve got a story about whether anyone can ever come back from that and find love again. This is a story about the love between a guy and a girl, a parent and a child, a child and a parent, a girl and her sister… It’s about what that love costs you, even if it’s the jeopardy that you might lose it.”

Spanning 3 episodes, the story is told over two separate timelines. You & Me reveals, chapter by chapter, the tragedies that have shaped the lives of three individuals: Ben, Emma and Jess. Inspired by this story of hope through adversity, composer Vince Pope created a score that is poignant, uplifting, sad and ultimately life enhancing. The soundtrack works with a 4-note piano lightmotif, a form of an upwards G Major broken chord movement that constructs a musical question. This intriguing motif emerges from the expansive warming electronica of the opening theme, to be transported through different “moods”. At times joyful and irreverent (‘Moving In’), the piano motif is supported by a percussive guitar to create a musical timeline for the new love blossoming through playful little moments. At other points, the mood darkens (‘Something Sad’) and the broken chord loses its angular shape to fade into minimal repetition. In ‘Cards from Memory’, the track melds into expansive electronic chords, bringing the 4 notes back into sharp focus, giving the theme of memory credence. In ‘Starting Over’, new beginnings and hope are represented by the leitmotif coming back, in a form of variation and via a heavily manipulated piano sound, to create something new whilst retaining the old.

Vince Pope is a RTS winning and BAFTA nominated composer and is well regarded as both film composer and releasing artist. Well known for his scores for No Offence, Undercover, Misfits and Black Mirror, over the past few years Vince has scored the period drama Rebellion for Sundance TV/Netflix, Sky’s Bounty Hunters, starring Jack Whitehall, and Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan’s comedy drama This Way Up. Most recently Pope scored the Sky crime series Wolfe, Channel 4’s darkly-comic prison drama Screw and the BBC Two feature film My Name Is Leon.

As a recording artist, Vince released his albums Messages and Awakening in 2019 and the EP Three Days Until Tomorrow in 2020. His next release is Together Apart, a collaborative work conceived and recorded in lockdown to create a beautiful anthology of ambient music.


1. Hello
2. Titles
3. Moving In
4. Something Sad
5. Breaking
6. Twins
7. Missing You
8. Baby
9. What Was Said
10. Is That A Date?
11. It Was You All Along
12. Second Thoughts
13. It’s Not That Easy
14. Cards from Memory
15. I Made A Mistake
16. Writing the Wrong
17. Starting Over
18. Marketable Skills
19. I Have To Go
20. Pictures of You
21. It Doesn’t Matter
22. Begin Again