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Doctor Who Series 13: Flux

Doctor Who Series 13 Flux
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Music by Segun Akinola


Debuting at Halloween 2021, Flux was the first Doctor Who series in 36 years to tell one complete story across its entirety, rather than self-contained episodes. Jodie Whittaker returned for her third and final season in the title role.

Segun Akinola is a composer for film and television who has strengthened many projects with his musical acumen. He is most known for his music in the latest series of Doctor Who, starring the first female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. Segun’s work is a key immersive tool for showrunner Chris Chibnall and series directors to establish the many adventures the Doctor and her friends travel on. These include the impressive 80s influenced electronic score for The Tsuranga Conundrum to the heart-wrenching Demons of the Punjab which utilised specialist Indian musicians and orchestra, all recorded at Abbey Road Studios. He also scored the critically acclaimed Doctor Who VR experience, Doctor Who: The Runaway.

Segun scored Sundance 2019 favourite The Last Tree, which was also recorded at Abbey Road Studios. This is Segun’s second feature film collaboration with director Shola Amoo after A Moving Image, and it earned him a Discovery of the Year award nomination at the World Soundtrack Awards. A BAFTA Breakthrough Brit 2017, Segun’s other work includes scoring BBC Two’s landmark four-part series Black and British: A Forgotten History.

Volume One
01. Series 13 Opening Titles

Chapter One
02. A Little Skirmish
03. What Lies Ahead
04. Renewed at Last
05. Must Not Blink
06. Dancing Across Space and Time

Chapter Two
07. I Know Where We Are
08. I Will Find You
09. Parlay
10. Short-Term Repair

Chapter Three
11. The Other Things
12. When Is This?
13. There Is No Greater Battle
14. All Is Ending
15. I’m Not Giving Up

Volume Two
Chapter Four
01. Rapid Response Unit
02. You Are Recalled
03. Village of The Angels End Credits
04. On My Way

Chapter Five
05. We Are Conversion
06. An Incredible Stroke of Luck
07. Where Are We?
08. Fetch Your Dog

Chapter Six
09. We Have Everything We Need
10. I Can Rend Them All to Dust
11. And Then We Will Play
12. The Ultimate Betrayal
13. Nothing Is Forever
14. Where Would Earth Be Without You?

15. Series 13 End Credits

This Is Joan Collins

This Is Joan Collins
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Music by Lindsay Wright


Framing and adding sizzle to the exciting self-narrated story of Joan Collin’s life, composer Lindsay Wright taps into the jazzy 60s cocktail sounds to create an era defining soundtrack.

This is Joan Collins is directed by multi award winning director Clare Beavan (Simon Schama’s Power of Art, A History of Britain, The Prince, The Showgirl and Me, Imagine). Described by The Telegraph as “Deliciously un-apologetic”, The Times Culture as “sparkling” and BBC Radio 2 as “a fabulous watch”, This is Joan Collins is an immensely entertaining feature-length documentary on the life of one of the last surviving actresses from the golden age of Hollywood. The film is told from the ringside as Joan narrates her rollercoaster life story with her inimitable wit and verve. A worldwide television phenomenon with her decade-defining role in Dynasty, Collins shares her extraordinary archive and never before seen home movie footage. With this film she gives the public an intimate glimpse into her world and reveals her story as that of an extraordinary life, a life of a woman who has lived through the glitz, the glamour and the enduring moments of Hollywood history, and survived it all with panache, humour and resilience.

Lindsay Wright is an emerging British soundtrack composer known for HBO/BBC feature documentary The Mystery of D.B. Cooper, BBC documentary series Inside Monaco and the four-part BBC series 21 Again. She also scored the upcoming BFI-backed coming-of-age short drama Pop starring Stephen Graham; the acclaimed short documentaries Entitled and Dark Matter as part of Channel 4’s Random Acts; and BAFTA-winning director Caroline Bartleet’s short drama The Bind for BBC Films. Lindsay creates evocative and emotional scores across all genres of film, television and games. Lindsay’s work combines contemporary classical instrumentation and traditional practices with modern electronics and experimental techniques, culminating in an original and unique sound palette for every score.


1. Alexis
2. Dame Joan
3. Emancipated Woman
4. Fontaine
5. Lights, Camera, Action
6. Over Exposure
7. Parasites
8. Seventeen
9. Shattered
10. Superbitch
11. Trouble
12. Wolves

The Secret Service

The Secret Service
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Music by Barry Gray


The origins of the series The Secret Service began in 1968 whilst working at Pinewood Studios, Gerry Anderson bumped into a familiar face of stage and screen: comic actor Stanley Unwin. With his whimsical charm and hilarious gibberish double talk (playfully christened ‘Unwinese’) Unwin had earned great popularity throughout the 50s and 60s and the Anderson’s immediately knew that they had found someone to base their next puppet series on. For several years the Century 21 team had toyed with directly basing a puppet character on a real-life actor, now the time had come to make it a reality. Duly, the Andersons developed a premise around Unwin, returning to their ‘unlikely spy’ scenario which had worked so well with Joe 90, they created ‘Father’ Unwin, a kindly priest who, despite outwardly disappearing into whimsy, doubles as a determined agent for British Intelligence. In the series the lines would be blurred even further between the miniature Supermarionation world and reality, as live action footage of Stanley Unwin would also be used in the series.

To appropriately reflect the The Secret Service’s premise and compliment the gentle title sequence created to introduce the series, Barry Gray decided step completely away from his usual attention-grabbing themes and write a three-part fugue in the style of the Baroque composer Bach. To perform the vocals, the Mike Sammes Singers were hired, the vocal group who Gray had used on the Supercar theme back in 1961. Once coupled with soft organ and minimalist percussion, a truly unique piece of inventive music was born to bookend Father Unwin’s adventures, which perfectly captured the off-beat nature of the series.


1. Century 21 Logo

2. Robbery at Healey Automation

3. The Secret Service Main Titles

4. Calling Father Unwin

5. Operation Intercept

6. 250 Hours

7. Sabotage
8. Aerial Spies

9. The Unwilling Accomplice

10. Feathered Bombers

11. Ambush

12. Bufflers Halt Reopens

13. The Train Hijack

14. The Secret Service End Titles 

Hotel Portofino

Hotel Portofino
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Music by Stefano Cabrera


Stefano Cabrera’s Jazz-infused soundtrack for Hotel Portofino, described by The Daily Mail as a “romantic costume drama that’s as blissful as a good gin cocktail”.

Eagle Eye Drama’s (Professor T, Before We Die) beautifully crafted period drama is set in the mid-1920s on the lush shores of the Italian riviera. Starring Natascha McElhone, Oliver Dench, Louisa Binder, the six-hour series centres around a British family looking for a fresh start in Italy. Based on the book by J.P. O’Connell and created by Matt Baker (Professor T), Hotel Portofino brings drama, mystery and escapism to our screens. The series depicts the lives of luxury hotel staff and locals in 1920s Italy, when Benito Mussolini’s brand of fascism was on the rise.

Stefano Cabrera is an Award-winning Italian composer and cellist. After graduating from the ‘Conservatorio Niccolò Paganini’ of Genoa, he further studied with Mario Brunello, Yo-Yo Ma, Amedeo Baldovino, Emil Kline. He also studied jazz and composition, as well as orchestration and arrangement at the Berklee School of Music. From 1994 to 2009 he worked as a section cello, composer and arranger at the ‘Carlo Felice’ Theater in Genoa. Since 2006 Cabrera has been the cellist and arranger for the GnuQuartet, with whom he tours internationally. As a TV/film composer he has worked on Suspect (2022), Hotel Portofino (2021), The Abominable Snow Baby (2021) and Clown (2020).



1. Hotel Portofino Opening Theme
2. Bella’s Theme
3. Preparing For The Guests
4. New Arrivals
5. A Magic Recipe
6. Morning Yoga
7. Claudine’s Arrival
8. Satisfaction in Perfection
9. Constance’s Theme
10. Morning Waltz
11. After Hours
12. The Storm
13. Claudine & Roberto
14. The Blackshirts
15. Nish & Gianluca’s Kiss
16. Frolicking In The Sea
17. Nish & Gianluca’s Love
18. Tennis for 3
19. The Rubens
20. Mistery
21. A New Day
22. Sadness & Reflection
23. A Pleasant Breeze
24. Dawn
25. Your Own War
26. A Magic Place
27. Portofino View
28. The Letter
29. I’m Roberto
30. Young Love
31. You Don’t Need To Do This
32. Helen Of Troy
33. A New Beginning
34. Hotel Portofino Closing Theme
35. Free To Be (Claudine’s Song)

Trigger Point

Trigger Point
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Music by Chris Roe


Trigger Point, Chris Roe’s impassioned electro acoustic score to ITV’s high-octane drama starring stage and screen actor Adrian Lester MBE and Line of Duty’s Vicky McClure. Produced by Jed Mercurio for HTM television.

Set in contemporary London, Trigger Point focuses on stories about the Bomb Disposal Squad, known as “Expo”, with officers risking their lives daily. Vicky McClure plays Lana Washington, the reckless ex-military officer and experienced bomb disposal operative. The Guardian describes the series as “utterly preposterous… but what a blast. Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester star in this slick police thriller full of bomb factories and banter. Just go in thinking CSI: Peckham or Line of Bomb Duty and you’ll have a great time.”

Chris Roe’s contemporary score immerses the listener in the tense emotional world of the characters with tender moments assigned to cello melodies and processed string ostinatos. This is a powerful, yet understated score. Here, the inner life of characters is truly brought to life through the waves of honest, uncompromising sound.

Composer Chris Roe is a classically trained composer and multi-instrumentalist with a background in contemporary experimental classical music. He has scored TV projects for BBC 2, BBC Storyville, SKY Atlantic. His most recent feature film project is the highly acclaimed After Love. This debut by BAFTA-nominated director Aleem Khan, starring Joanna Scanlan, was part of selection for Cannes Critics Week, BFI London Film Festival, Telluride amongst several others and the score won Best Original Score at Les Arcs Film Festival. Chris is the founding member and conductor of ANIMA ensemble, staging live musical performances alongside abstract animated films.



1. The Switch
3. Manual Check
4. SO15
5. Refuge
6. Ninety Seconds
7. It’s a Trap
8. Hold On
9. On The Inside
10. Pressure Plate
11. Gasworks
12. Amburiq
13. St Jude’s
14. Aftermath
15. They’ve Set Me Up
16. Dynamo
17. In Shock
18. Oh God
19. Someone Else In Control
20. Farewells

The Watch

The Watch
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Music by Russ Davies


‘The Watch’ soundtrack by Russ Davies for the TV adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s beloved Discworld book series.

The eight-part series is inspired by characters created by Terry Pratchett, rather than being a straight book adaptation. Underlined by Cyberpunk visuals, Season One takes place “somewhere in a distant secondhand dimension”. It follows the misfits of The City Watch, a police organisation in a city ruled by crime guilds. The guilds are regulated, the assassins are allowed to kill a certain number of citizens a year (and must leave receipts on the bodies), while people can schedule muggings or other thief-related activity as those guilds also fill their quotas.

The Watch soundtrack is penned by British composer and producer Russ Davies. Davies brings together a diverse range of influences and genres to create unique modern compositions. Prior to starting writing for film and TV in 2019, Russ has released over 15 artist albums under various aliases including Abakus, Cinnamon Chasers and Aiiso. Mojo sees his music as “Satisfying unpredictable”, whilst The Observer describes it as “A blend of power and intimacy that resembles the rawness of John Lennon mixed with the hushed heart-shiver of Nick Drake or Alex Chilton.”

Davies describes the soundtrack as a “fantasy themed score, with an energetic fusion of orchestral layers, analog synthesisers and electric guitar, aiming to be as left-field, unconventional and as colourful as the show is itself”. Davies’s song writing skills are spotlighted in Zero, song written for the climax of Episode Four. Zero is performed by Inge Beckmann who also appears in the episode as a Torch Singer in The Mended Drum.


1. Goodboys Anthem (The Watch Theme Tune)
2. The Noble Dragon
3. Zero (Featuring Inge Beckmann)
4. Vimes’ Theme
5. Carcer’s Theme
6. Goodboy and The Noble Dragon
7. The Unreal Estate
8. Aliceband
9. Tanty
10. Werewolf
11. Lady Ramkin’s Pursuit
12. Nothing Wrong With Loving A Horse (Featuring Marius Van Coller)
13. The Lady Of The Lake
14. Goodboy’s Search
15. Lord Vetinari’s Theme
16. The Mines
17. Investigations
18. Carcer’s Realisation
19. Attempting Murder
20. Unseen University
21. Conspiring
22. The Observers
23. Gawain’s Love Song
24. Hunted
25. Angua’s Vision
26. The Summoning Dark
27. The What – Gold (Featuring Cheery & Vimes)

The Split

The Split
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Music by Evan Jolly


The Split, Evan Jolly’s soundtrack for the hit BBC / Sundance TV produced drama. Featuring a great story line peppered with family tensions and conflicts throughout, the series received glowing reviews. The Guardian describes it as a “gorgeously slick, witty and thoroughly grown-up tale of high-end divorce lawyers by the Bafta-winning writer”. Written and created by Abi Morgan (The Hour, River, Brick Lane) and starring Unforgotten lead Nicola Walker with Green Wing’s favourite Stephen Mangan, The Split was first broadcast on BBC One on 24 April 2018. The 3rd and final series premiered on 4th April.

Composer Evan Jolly’s versatile work spans writing for stage, screen, studio, video games and concert hall. Since graduating in 2004 Evan has worked with a diverse roster of artists including Quincy Jones, Laura Mvula, Gary Barlow, Mika, Lianne Carrol, Katherine Jenkins, BBC Concert Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, London Music Works and Crouch End Festival Chorus. Jolly’s soundtrack writing credits Hacksaw Ridge, The Crown, Agatha Raisin, Midsomer Murders and It Was Fifty Years Ago Today! The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper & Beyond.


1. The Split – Main Titles
2. Hannah and Nathan
3. Spanish Performance
4. It’s Going To Take Time
5. Needing And Wanting
6. Rose and James
7. Ruth Knows Everything
8. Empty Wardrobes
9. Moving On
10. A Plan For The Future
11. A Good Divorce
12. Don’t Take The Bait
13. For Better Or Worse
14. Mercurial
15. It’s James
16. How Life Could Be
17. You Can’t Leave Me
18. Despite All My Training
19. You Steal
20. Change Is Never Easy
21. Snooping
22. Broken Family
23. Office Politics
24. Apart
25. Rain Heals
26. Family

Sudden Light

Alex Heffes Sudden Light
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Music by Alex Heffes


Sudden Light is a brand-new album of solo piano music written by Golden Globe and BAFTA nominated composer Alex Heffes. With this album, the composer performs his own music for the first time stripped back to solo piano in an intimate and personal journey of rediscovery.

Born in the UK, Alex’s life-long passion for playing the piano started at an early age and has been a constant throughout his career as a composer. In 2018 his piano playing came to an abrupt halt following an accident that left one hand severely broken. Surgery and rehabilitation left him unable to fully play for an extended period and gradually lead to his almost abandoning the instrument. His latest album, Sudden Light is a musical journey of rediscovery. In exploring some of his previous compositions and re-working them for solo piano, a new light is cast on the music and a new path created to the composer rediscovering how to perform again.

Alex Heffes is a Golden Globe and BAFTA nominated composer known for his scores to over 60 movies and TV series including The Last King of Scotland, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, State of Play, Black Mirror, Roots and many others. Originally rising to critical acclaim with his scores to Kevin Macdonald’s Academy Award-winning One Day In September, BAFTA winning Touching The Void and others, he has collaborated with many of cinema’s top filmmakers such as Stephen Frears (The Program), Mira Nair (Queen of Katwe, A Suitable Boy), Catherine Hardwicke (Miss Bala) and JJ Abrams (11.22.63).



1. The Final Letter (From “Dear Frankie”)

2. I Have Been Here Before (From “Hope Gap”)

3. Shiny Shiny Waltz (From “Shiny Shiny Bright New Hole In My Heart”)

4. Sadie’s Theme (From Here to Eternity) (From “11.22.63”)

5. Phiona’s Theme (From “Queen of Katwe”)

6. Moving On (From “The Elephant Queen”)

7. One Day In September (From “One Day In September”)

8. Theme from Mandela (From “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”)
9. Aya’s Theme (From “Emperor”)

10. Ronnie’s Theme (From “Ronnie’s”)

11. Boston and Marie (From “The 24th”)

12. Marie’s Rag (From “The 24th”)

13. Penguin Raiders Return (From “Earth: One Amazing Day”)
14. Rainforest Waltz (From “Earth: One Amazing Day”)

15. Touching the Void (From “Touching the Void”)

16. For John

The Thief, His Wife and The Canoe

The Thief His Wife and The Canoe
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Music by Harry Escott and Ben Pearson


“Tied in with a jaunty soundtrack and ITV has really pulled off a winner. Just like the original true story, fictional Anne and John Darwin will stay with you long after the episodes end, as you ponder all the unanswered questions the nation still has. It’s quirky, off-beat, hard-hitting and truly memorable.”

– Radio Times 5*


The ITV mini-series soundtrack to The Thief, His Wife and The Canoe. Scripted by Chris Lang (Unforgotten, Innocent) and produced by award winning producers Story Films.

Featuring Bafta-winner Monica Dolan and Eddie Marsan, known for his work with director Mike Leigh, the series is based on the extraordinary and compelling true story of how John Darwin faked his own death. Together with his wife Anne Darwin, John perpetrated one of the most elaborate, devastating and surreal frauds of all time. Faking his death in a canoe accident off the coast of Seaton Carew, North East England, he lived for five years undetected in a bedsit connecting to his wife’s bedroom. The couple reaped the rewards of John’s life insurance and plotted a new life together in Panama, whilst their two adult sons believed John to be dead.

Written by Harry Escott and Ben Pearson, the beautifully colourful score is a perfect match for this darkly comic and tragic fable. The music doesn’t shy away from the fantasy, the absurdity and the painful reality of this coercive marriage and the unforgivable betrayal. And yet, somewhere there is hope of a new beginning for Anne as she tries to rebuild her relationship with her sons.

Harry Escott is known for scoring Steve McQueen’s Shame and Michael Winterbottom’s A Mighty Heart, Road to Guantanamo and Greed. Harry recently won a BAFTA for his music to the BBC drama Roadkill, and he has just completed the score to Uprising – a 3 film series directed by Steve McQueen which is set to air on BBC One later this year. Away from the screen, Harry’s work includes collaborations with P J Harvey (An Acre Of Land), the poet Lavinia Greenlaw, (sound installation Audio Obscura) and the Ora Singers, (O Light Of Light).

Ben Pearson works extensively in film and TV, and frequently with Harry Escott. He contributed arrangements and additional music for The Wedding Guest, Deep State Season 2 and Greed. His most recent projects working alongside Harry Escott have been The English Game, and also, he acted as Music Editor on the Bafta-winning Roadkill.



1. Prelude
2. As Strong as an Ox
3. A Spot of Canoeing
4. Holding On
5. As Strong as a Mouse
6. I Suspected It Was a Lie
7. Waiting For Something To Change
8. Separate Rooms Again
9. White Collar Crime
10. All Falling Apart
11. So Many Dreadful Things
12. Out Of This World
13. Coming Home

The Chelsea Detective

The Chelsea Detective
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Music by Ian Arber


Ian Arber’s electro-acoustic soundtrack to Acorn TV’s original drama ‘The Chelsea Detective’ starring Adrian Scarborough (Gosford Park, Gavin & Stacey, Killing Eve) as DI Max Arnold and Sonita Henry (Luther, Krypton) as DI Priya Shamsie.

The Chelsea Detective journeys through a diverse cross-section of Chelsea London life, spanning the mansions of the super-rich to the council flats of the World’s End Estate, and the rarefied corridors of a prestigious international school to the leafy melancholy of Brompton Cemetery and the bustle of the King’s Road. The series is written by Glen Laker (Vera, Prime Suspect), Peter Fincham and Liz Lake (Riviera, Call the Midwife).

Ian Arber’s nuanced soundtrack spotlights the timeless piano and cello theme against the pulsating strings and electronics. The gorgeous modal motif keeps recurring, in different variations, with the sound expanding and contracting. Navigating nostalgia and pensiveness, Arber creates a sense of covert anxiety against a backdrop of beauty, bolstering the dark undertones of the Chelsea story lines.

Ian Arber is a classically trained film and television composer, proficient in cello, piano, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, and music production. He is known for his work on Netflix original’s The One (2021) and Medici (2018), BBC One thriller The Capture (2019), The BBC Proms Theme (2019-), My Name Is Lenny (2017) starring John Hurt, award-winning documentaries After The Screaming Stops and I Am Bolt (2016), and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015).

Also available on Silva Screen Records is Ian Arber’s soundtrack for BBC One thriller The Capture.


1. The Chelsea Detective
2. Episode 1: The Wages of Sin
3. Cause of Death
4. Lost in a Book
5. The Graveyard
6. Episode 2: Mrs & Mrs Romano
7. The Lake
8. Stakeout
9. The Houseboat
10. The Body
11. The Recipe Book
12. Dredge The Lake
13. Episode 3: The Gentle Giant
14. Police Investigation
15. The Chelsea Pensioners
16. The Dealer
17. Chelsea Headhunters
18. Rendezvous
19. Marac Ata
20. Hooliganism
21. Episode 4: A Chelsea Education
22. The School
23. The Graffiti Artist
24. The Murder Weapon
25. A New Lease
26. The Chelsea Detective: End Credits